Madness Deputation

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Happy Madness day 2012 everybody!
Well here it is, Madness Deputation....
Its shorter than you would like it to be, but thanks to my crap laptop this is the best it can do... so.... YEAH! HAPPY MADNESS DAY!
Enjoy :D
(P.S I know what deputation means, I'm just using it cos it sound fancy as a title)

*(SPOILERS) Mag Hank isn't as strong as you think he is, He cant take a grenade launcher to the face, because Mag agent: Torture was torn asunder with one in his head, nor can he take 5 bullet's to the gut of a gun that can cut an agent in half*


Why the sheriff killed the I337 agents and the A.T.P engineers?
He created the A.A.H.W!
Anyways, good animation!

I wonder what was behind the door with a sign saying "open to win a prize"

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Gibb50 responds:

Obviously a man with a prize DUHH!

you are best

Yes!It's a great idea to bring the sheriff back!The Sheriff is one of my favourite characters.But did his scar from his heart disappeared?He got stabbed.Oh and when Krinkels make the bodies disappear,the hand of Hank were still there first.I don't know why but sheriff looked especially bald without his hat.Moral:Smoking kills!

Gibb50 responds:

Thanks for this :)
With the sherrifs chest wound. I for got to use the other bodies. That was laziness on my part.
That hand was something I missed when I was in the rush to finish this.
Yeah, balding old man, lel

smoke killed him XD

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Sep 22, 2012
6:55 AM EDT