Rebooting the Madness 2

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EDIT 9/26 - I noticed in the reviews that many of you are requesting the music in this animation. Unfortunately, these two tracks were not publicly released by tomfitz, the guy who made them. I also have not been in touch with him since he gave these to me (he may be dead, for all I know). If you really want the music badly, you can download this movie and decompile it.

Additionally, Rebooting the Madness 2 is laden with easter eggs. Before his first fight scene, Professor Dordum is visible in each and every clip at least once. Can you spot each of his appearances? (Hint: A couple may require you to zoom in)

EDIT 9/22 - Fixed some minor issues in the animation (some stuff was off a couple frames). Go and enjoy!


After Rebooting the Madness, I immediately began creating graphics and plot for a sequel that I had in mind. Tomfitz even gave me a few tracks to use. These all remained shelved until earlier this year when I decided to begin work on the sequel.

Although this movie contains much more content than the prequel, I had planned on making this much longer. The .fla contains many unused graphics and one unused track that I simply did not have time to include. In my defense, I worked on this 3 months collectively. Not a smart move, but this is easily my most quickly-produced Madness toon to date.

But, ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Have a Happy Madness Day and enjoy!


Music please :3?? *send pm if possible* anyways was pretty frken awesome... HOLY tits man make more...

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i wish there is part 3

Alpha-Nuva responds:

there just may be :)

Its what i was waiting for!!!! amazing but just dont enough madness action. Want more blood!!

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i no see first part, but still, it epic!

I really liked this animation and the one before it, your way of drawing the characters is very appealing...I think it's the way you outline everything and make it look very clean and stuff like that.

So, some random things about the animation that I have questions/comments about:

1. Why did those two characters with invisiblity abilities in front of the "cloning machine" throw Rebooting the Madness's main character's blade/club weapon into the machine? I don't get it :(.

2. What is that kind of weapon called that was thrown into the cloning machine, anyway? It's like a knife with a ball on the end.

3. The door where the two invisible guys are standing next to says "nipple cock" on it. Hehe.

4. Didn't the main character in Rebooting the Madness kill a lot of people with the aforementioned club/knife? How come they didn't get cloned too?

5. What was the significance of the main character touching the computer console and absorbinf lightning?

So many questions... I need answers before my head explodes D:.

This was a great animation, though, if you (the author) do read this, I just want to know that I thought this was easily one of the top 5 Madness animations I've ever seen, if not the best one in general, I just have some questions that's all.

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Alpha-Nuva responds:

1. The club (more accurately referred to as a "sheleighleigh") contained traces of the crab monster from Rebooting the Madness 1. They wanted to revive it to take out the protagonist. If you noticed, however, it turned into a scorpion, rather than a crab. This is because the twin agents decided that its DNA would be rearranged. Maybe this incarnation would not die so easily.

2. As stated above, it's called a sheleighleigh. It's an Irish cudgel/club.

3. Indeed it does.

4. If you looked on the monitor when the twins were reviving the crab monster, it mentioned that multiple DNA traces were detected on the club and that one trace was a match. Here's the reason why:

The crab monster was originally a normal agent. If you remember back in Rebooting the Madness 1, in one scene, there is an agent in a chair behind some glass in the background. He is then axed in the face by Professor Combusticap (the dude with the flaming hair) and then injected with a red syringe (the syringe that causes mutations). The dead body on the operation table at the beginning of Rebooting the Madness 2 is this same agent, before he is revived. During these experiments, the lab workers took samples of his DNA and entered it in the machine's database. This is why the machine recognizes the DNA and separates it from the rest.

5. Edgar (the blue agent) needs energy to be able to fire his eye lasers. In the intro, he runs a bit low on energy. To remedy this, when he gets his upgrade, you'll notice he now sports something that looks like a knapsack on his back. If you zoom in on the backpack, it reads "Portable Energy Storage Cell." By carrying a storage cell, Edgar can recharge at any electrical source via his metallic hand. Think of a camel storing water in its humps. :D

Thanks for the curiosity. I had fun answering these and I hope they'll be of use to other viewers as well.

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