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Rebooting the Madness 2

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EDIT 9/26 - I noticed in the reviews that many of you are requesting the music in this animation. Unfortunately, these two tracks were not publicly released by tomfitz, the guy who made them. I also have not been in touch with him since he gave these to me (he may be dead, for all I know). If you really want the music badly, you can download this movie and decompile it.

Additionally, Rebooting the Madness 2 is laden with easter eggs. Before his first fight scene, Professor Dordum is visible in each and every clip at least once. Can you spot each of his appearances? (Hint: A couple may require you to zoom in)

EDIT 9/22 - Fixed some minor issues in the animation (some stuff was off a couple frames). Go and enjoy!


After Rebooting the Madness, I immediately began creating graphics and plot for a sequel that I had in mind. Tomfitz even gave me a few tracks to use. These all remained shelved until earlier this year when I decided to begin work on the sequel.

Although this movie contains much more content than the prequel, I had planned on making this much longer. The .fla contains many unused graphics and one unused track that I simply did not have time to include. In my defense, I worked on this 3 months collectively. Not a smart move, but this is easily my most quickly-produced Madness toon to date.

But, ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Have a Happy Madness Day and enjoy!


Wait that Red mask guy I know him I saw in a anoter movie when he got stab in the chest by those monsters thats why he is wearing those bangegs on him.

Nice Movie! i Wonder How's gonna continue? And Is there gonna be the End of the 2 Mutants?
And Is Owr guy gonna Reach and Probably Kill the Antagonist? Who's with some Glock (Whos Sounding Like XM-8) And a Machette. Oh! And What is Seaker Doing there?

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5 starts Im a fan of you...and your epic and cool and awesome and awesome And epic song

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I still waiting for the 3 part... P.S I love this animation you win my 5 starts :)

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Fuckin epic, love the beginning track to, gotta love how the "born with revolvers" guy goes back to the facility after the explosion to. only problem though, the second soundtrack could be a bit better or even replaced, i feel it just keeps relooping and it doesn't really have any cool beats towards it.

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Sep 22, 2012
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