Rebooting the Madness 2

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EDIT 9/26 - I noticed in the reviews that many of you are requesting the music in this animation. Unfortunately, these two tracks were not publicly released by tomfitz, the guy who made them. I also have not been in touch with him since he gave these to me (he may be dead, for all I know). If you really want the music badly, you can download this movie and decompile it.

Additionally, Rebooting the Madness 2 is laden with easter eggs. Before his first fight scene, Professor Dordum is visible in each and every clip at least once. Can you spot each of his appearances? (Hint: A couple may require you to zoom in)

EDIT 9/22 - Fixed some minor issues in the animation (some stuff was off a couple frames). Go and enjoy!


After Rebooting the Madness, I immediately began creating graphics and plot for a sequel that I had in mind. Tomfitz even gave me a few tracks to use. These all remained shelved until earlier this year when I decided to begin work on the sequel.

Although this movie contains much more content than the prequel, I had planned on making this much longer. The .fla contains many unused graphics and one unused track that I simply did not have time to include. In my defense, I worked on this 3 months collectively. Not a smart move, but this is easily my most quickly-produced Madness toon to date.

But, ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Have a Happy Madness Day and enjoy!

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hey there anyone want there ha i tell you something robooting the madness 3 is coming loock the man into the explosion and go and view paradigmadness 2 is comin boy is coming :D

Hell yeah

Rebooting the madness 3= Half-Life3

6 years and no reeboting the madness 3? why?

this is good as well, this is my favourite mc animation (i mean that with 101% honesty ) but i got inspiration for my own mc story but that will be along way ahead , i shouldn't bore you with my career because who gives a crap, anyways this was great i'm looking forward to maybe a third one, thanks for reading my very long comment!!

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Sep 22, 2012
6:28 AM EDT