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RyderRevengeForever Pt.01

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Author Comments

FULL..: nothing english bugs and full movie:

::::Ryder Revenge Forever Part01:::::

Info : ... This is First Part...
Finale is here! People are dying is not a cure, it really is wasted medicine forever? Is there any hope of survival?

Interest : ...
Thanks Sunshaft (Winside) as very good soundtrack.. (Second track only animation)
The animation was animated on a slower computer (Notebook) P3-800MHz, 256MB RAM), I could not afford better details. I hope you will enjoy the animation. Sorry for the bad translation. The animation was animated by three months.

The Second and last part::
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/603342 .

http://www.facebook.com/TheDjjaner .



need a little bit of grammar check when animating other then that it was great

cool story

Ryder Revenge Forever review: Has revenge become overrated?

And so The Ryder series continues with it's tenth episode.
Great movie? Maybe not. Terrible movie? Not even close. RRF hangs somewhere on the fine line between good and bad.

Animation: 7/10
While the animation was somewhat smooth for the most part. The anatomy in this movie would kind of make people wonder why someone would be leaning backwards while walking forwards. The reactions were well plotted out such as the father moving out of the way for a car about to crash. Great variety when it comes to the various poses you made for the characters and the exploration in them. Unfortunately the repetitive scenes with walking forward, performing a flip effortlessly, and then landing a perfect shot everytime soured this taste a little. Not to mention the constant restraffing back and forth as if everyone was preparing for a boxing rumble. Plus some attacks with melee weapons were overly exaggerated.

Graphics: 8.5/10
It is obvious you put effort when creating the concepts as a base for your character designs. I gotta say, i'm impressed at how you can create several model designs reflecting the genre and your theme. The blood effects were kinda overused and makes me ask questions about why the floors remain clean after that much blood has spilled except for pre corpses which kinda shows laziness. Good job for making up your own designs. Noticed that you borrowed several pieces of clothing from Project Nexus.

Visual Presentation: 6/10
While you did okay in design and animation. This seems to be where the more major problems still persist. The 3d perspectives really need to be refined as they are nearly always on the wrong angle which may mess up a scene such as when the soldier shot the father's child. I could have sworn the first bullet missed from the view yet the bullet somehow curved and hit the child. Didn't see any wind effects so i'm quite sure it shouldn't have happened like that. Then there is the blood puked out. Somehow it already dried out or is nearly even though it happened recently judging by the light red colouring. Also when could a guy's head rotate more than 90 degrees? Is the guy with the father secretly related to an owl or something?

Sound: 7.5 /10
You never fail to impress with your music do you? While you did manage to pack into this movie a catchy tune, the variety in everything else is disappointing. Same grunt when someone dies, and also 3 constantly recycled gun sounds for different weapons. The sounds themselves were still good though, including that unexpected baby sound. It just lacks variety that's all.

Overall: 7.2/10
[Overall Not a bad movie. A few patchups could turn this into a great movie.]
Final notes-Try to maintain the balance between quality and quantity!
-Didn't take off points for grammer. It's common for difficulties to be seen when
learning a second languages. Kudos for your improvement!
Recommended for those who just want to blow some steam off by watching some guys pop some heads off.

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this guys grammer is realy bad so bab I have no idea what any one is saying

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2012
5:49 AM EDT