Rats On Cocaine - Ep #11

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Alice puts her finger on her relationship problem. And Cage leads a revolution.


I see you haven't lost your touch (pun intended)! I haven't seen or reviewed your deranged animation in ages. Its nice though to see you haven't lost your vigor nor "creativity" in my last reviews on your older previous works. I took notice that your following a traditional path where most animators choose or perfect their creations and characters with more updated styles and such, yet you've managed to maintain your style without too much changes at all! In fact most would consider this strategies mixed. Some would opted to have your creations changed and then those (like such as myself) prefer to have their creations remain unchanged or atleast not stray from their original creations. You good sir, Have remained unchanged for better or for worse. You make me proud of how you've stayed and remain the same for so many years that it should be an honor or a reward for such vigor. But alas, there is not. But altleast you should experience the feeling of well being for such a great achievement on your part. I am happy and proud of your capabilities! I'm going to bestow you 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. I reiterate you've done good here friend. I hope you keep creating and contributing here, it really is an honor to know that your still amongst the Newground community. I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

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ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you very much. no, i don't want to change too much and fuck up what worked. hell, i'm still drawing all this stuff with a mouse. but i did get a top of the line microphone, so it sounds a lot better. and i have more scripts already written, including more rats. i hope this episode gets some attention here on newgrounds. i don't ask for much, just wanna get my stuff seen. thanks again.

Anton LaVey, a blood orgasm, motherrussianfucker, S&M, Kruschev banging his shoe... so much goodness packed into a single cartoon. Da!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you, comrade. it's an honor just to serve the party.

That's fucked up... I like it!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you

So glad to see a new episode!

I like that you chose to include the show's hiatus as a plot point, during which time Cage and Alice no longer received cocaine and thus lead dull lives not worthy of new episodes. But despite being sober since the last episode in 2008, a few lines of cocaine later and they're just as insane and degenerate as they were before. Hell of a drug, indeed...

The plot of this episode was grand. I always love the inclusion of the Gerbils and the Rabbits, and it was a delight to see both of them included here. The revolutionary finger coming to life via Cage's delusions, and Cage's glorious, schizophrenic ascent to supreme leader of Rodentdom was a joy to watch. Of course, this episode was every bit as depraved and violent as we've come to expect from this series over the years. Alice giving head to a severed finger could possibly be some of the sickest imagery we've seen from this show.

All in all, Rats on Cocaine is back in fine form! This may even be the best Rats on Cocaine yet.

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ApocalypseCartoons responds:

now that's a fucking review! i can't thank you enough.

OH yeah baby This Episode Was So Fucking Good!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:


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Sep 21, 2012
1:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Original