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So, here it is! Not that you have heard of this, it's just, I need to make it sound somewhat good. Took me a good 2 weeks to make, would of been quicker but I contracted a serious case of laziness. But hey ho! This is just a routine therapy session..... Okay, that sentence is caked in lies.

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Speedo sausage commented. You should be honored. Because this is crap.

Cockadoodledee responds:

Without crap, plumbers wouldn't have jobs. Ly x

sexual innuendo!! good, the mouth movements didnt bother me actually, cake did go on a bit long, could of followed up to the realization a bit smoother, other than that the faces were funny, and the voices were done quite well....indubidubly!

Cockadoodledee responds:

It wouldn't be right without some kind of power scream! Thank you very much!

Pretty fantabulous overall, but yeahah something about the tongues and mouth movements irk me, and the cake sequence went on for a teensy bit too long, but it was great. The whole sequence from when he wakes up to the end is hilarious!

Also no such thing as too many dicks

Cockadoodledee responds:

Well, glad you liked it! If anything, there is never enough dicks?! That didn't sound straight in the slightest..

That was rather enjoyable, tongues were weird though

Cockadoodledee responds:

I tried to go for a simplistic lip syncing approach, my next one will be complex.

For fun times!

I liked it :)