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So I found the most orgasmic comic the other day by BPremo on his website:http://whatthedo.com/pffft/
And I thought to myself.
You know what I should animate this in two days because thats just how fucking retarded I am.
So I did.
Then I was like.
O shit I need voice acting.
Thats where faggo..Speedo came in.
By the way, its a short so if you don't like shorts the you are obviously not homosexual.
Anyways Enjoy.
Do it.

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before i watched this i was homeless and my wife had left me and taken the kids but now i'm a millionaire and my wife came back and i get to see my kids again. thank you swagmuffin

I don't think I want to explain why this video deserves 5 stars. It just does.

haha I didn't even know this existed I'm honored :3

Amazing. Just... Amazing.

:'( oh why