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This is a platform game, It's a demo, Level 2 and other levels will be released! soon!

Hope you like it! BTW It's my first game I've ever even posted on NG (Newgrounds).

It may contain some bugs, if you encounter any, please report by clicking "Review this content"!


It's a stick game and it's my first :

Uh,, NAW,, Don't hate on me, please, i said it's a demo,

i will improve the graphics and many more bugfixes!


A) Get some music and sounds (from NG Audio Portal, or Freesound.org)
B) Make sure that players die if they fall (surround the map with trigger that kills you and restarts the level?)
C) Make sure there is some way to know which objects are fake. Having to guess "which block ahead is fake" with no hints or logic behind it is no fun. It's tedious.
D) Physics (collisions) suck to the point where game is unplayable.
E) Don't respond to criticisms "it's a demo". We know it. People tell what is bad in the game so you'll know what to fix in the full version.

hamza62240 responds:

OK, I am working on the restart box, more levels, bug fixes, fake object hints and more.

But sorry, i cannot fix the sound one cause i do not even know how to add sounds and i dunno why, YouTube is banned in my country O.O

I fall, and fall, and fall more... but I never die! Yeah!... or not... This is really a demo, but there are very much bugs and the control must be improved... But it is a good game...

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hamza62240 responds:

OK, I will fix the bugs. I am currently working on more cooler greyish graphics, a burger shop in level 3 (There are more levels now, YAY!)

and much more.

BTW Thx for the line "But it is a good game...".

ok i understand that this is your first submission and i know that flash can be extremely nebulous and tedious to deal with and in my opinion you probably could do better but this game has very little playing value and is only fun for simple people or if you are stoned i do think u have potential and i apologize for being a blammer but this could not be considered a great game improve it by adding customization weapons and leveling make it a action game do whatever just please dont leave it as is do not let this rating discourage you i am not trying to be a hater get some input from friends play good games and learn from them analyze every detail and learn all you can message me your thoughts on my post i only tryed it once maybe tomorrow i might like it i dont know do what you like if u decide to get pissy with me i will inform u that i am very quick to anger and my intellect far exceeds most peoples and it will get ugly this is not a threat it is a fair warning

hamza62240 responds:

Ok, I understand your not a hater, but i also said it's just a demo, Oh, I did not add a main menu button, restart box, hp or game over, scene. BTW I will add just all bugfixes in the full version, i will add a hp bar, enemy's, level 2 will be increased and I will add more levels.

This game wasn't good at all, and I'm saying this objectively... the text was hard to read, and the laziness of the creator was pretty evident. I went and got through everything until the fake platforms, at which point I fell through, and there was no way to get back up other than reset the page, which seems incredibly annoying and pointless. The graphics were poor, there was no sound, and the game lacked a general concept or story. Even so, at least the controls worked. Which is surprising, because not much else in the game did.

hamza62240 responds:

Yes, sound is what i tried adding sooooooo hard but i was aboutta' post but in preview when we go to level 2 or at end of level 1 and click go to main menu then the song doubles-up.

There is no restart box, I will be adding one. You can check back to this game and i promise i will make a restart box.

yes, this is a demo, poor graphics will be fixed too.

I couldn't add doors O_O

Uh, fake platforms, i couldn't pass them too, but i know: The second platform in that part was fake, dodge it!

It's ok, but most of it is glitched up. The moving platform doesn't work. The text is sometimes a platform itself (in the code). Some platforms are broken (yes I know some are on purpose, but some are actually broken and there shouldn't be any trick platforms or no one will want to play your game). These are a few glitches, but I don't want to waste my time listing all of them.

hamza62240 responds:

What? You said "The text is sometimes a platform itself (in the code)" When you jump on the text in the first part "seeeeeee?! I TOLD YOU NOTHIN WILL HAPPEM! i mean happen :P im stooooooooooooooooooooooooooopid stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid too. >:P", and jump again quickly to the left, it says "duh, kid, you can climb on some text :P BUAAHAHAHA".

I also found total of some bad glitches, yes, I know one glitch at the begenning with a easter egg secret area 1 i've added: go left, stick to the wall and hold jump until you get inside the wall. now fall right, left will kill you!

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1.65 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2012
12:44 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle