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Slender 2D

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Author Comments

Turn the lights off

_________New Update!_________
*Now You Can skip the part of ((Slender 2D)) doing Click (?
*Can Run Pressing 'Z' or 'M'

*Mute Background Music
*Speed Mode!
*Slender can Hide (lol)
*Malfunctioning flashlight

This is Like a Parody of Slender(the game made by Parsec Productions ) but in 2D(?). I didn't expect to much views, I developed games just for fun and as you can see I don't write very good English(? xD!
So sorry if I can't reply all. I know this game is not perfect, I made this in 8-10 days.
mmm.... I forget what I have to say... well later I will modify this(? xD!
Are you Reading this ? Are you Reading this?, I mean who read This ?! How dare you? lol, I'm crazy again,...

Yes ! I made It! Front page!
I can put anything here, Right?


Walk with the arrow Keys or WASD.
Run pressing SHIFT.
When you see arrows up or down press up or down to change the map.
To collect the pages put the character next to them.
If you see Slender Man RUN!!!
Change the Quality pressing Q if you see the game is too slow

Is recommended of you RUN all the time(SHIFT)

Remember you Have to Escape From Slender Man!


Do good Reviews and I may do a second part(?(?(?(?(?

This Game is based on the indie game: "Slender" by Parsec Productions
http://www.parsecproducti ons.net/slender/



Almost un-playable since when you use mouse and wasd keys the game lags like hell...

Lenke responds:

mmm... try to change the Quality, this game could it be a little Heavy ...

Interesting, but the worst part was the whole up and down thing. I had no idea where I was going at all. So I just kept hitting the arrow keys randomly until I got caught. I'm sure an art inprovement would help with finding out were you are going.

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I give you 1 1/2 stars, because while you successfully captured the core concept of the game-- walking around in the dark and trying to find 8 objects until Slenderman gets you-- you didn't translate it very well to 2-D.

So, let's give you a quick rundown of where you went wrong, and how you can improve.

Firstly, the music was repetitive, and got downright annoying after about one minute. I suggest that, if you do another horror game like this, you use music sparingly. A good example of this is having a very soft, creepy-sounding ( piano is good for this) track playing in the background-- one that players won't really notice until it stops playing-- and then cutting it off abruptly.


Because silence gets to people. It makes players uneasy, and lets them know that something bad is about to happen. And, the best part is, you can use that expectation to mess with their heads a little, and scare them more.

Secondly, graphics were... how shall I put this? They were awful. Animation was nearly non-existent, art and design were ugly and poorly-drawn. Remember: Bad art destroys atmosphere. Without atmosphere, you lose all ability to scare the players.

The best advice I can give to you on that is to improve your drawing skills. Or, if you decide that you just can't draw, you can hire someone to help you make art for your next game.

Third, the controls were rather clunky I felt. As many people have said before, the character moves too slow normally. The easiest way to fix this is to just make the character move a bit faster. If you did that, you could take out the SHIFT key altogether.

Also, I feel the flashlight should've been fixed so that it points straight ahead of you (like one does when you hold it in your hands), but you can still see the immediate area around your character. That way, you wouldn't be able to see something from far away, only to have it be hidden in the dark once you get to it. This would also require the player to turn around to see something behind them, setting them up for more scares.

Final Verdict (tl;dr version of the above review):

1.5 / 5 stars

+1: Attempted to translate a 3-D game to 2-D, with limited success.

+0.5: No glitches encountered during the reviewer's initial playthrough

-3.5: Annoying, repetitive music
Nearly non-existent animation, and poorly-drawn art
Clunky controls, and unnecessarily slow character speed

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Lenke responds:

True and Nice Review I agree

remake and add better graphics run ability

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Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2012
3:17 PM EDT
Adventure - Other