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sfct episode five

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Author Comments

hey guys here is the next installment. The flash back to how Hazalin's friend Ira got caught by slavers.

Ok first of all I didn't know Hazalin was left handed until I accidentally drew him that way.

Secondly don't you just love annoying friends. Even though Ira is older then Hazalin he is much more immature. Also I should point out if you haven't noticed already that Ira is very androgynous in appearance even though I based him off a male who. . . . is very androgynous looking lol.

thirdly, If Xullrae knew Hazalin was going to go into so much detail about what happened I'm sure she would have used her mind reading thing on him instead. Although I am not completely sure how she uses it.

Once again I would love to thank all the people who contributed to this project many hugs to you

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This is pretty good, and it ended much better than the previous episode. Nice job.

Still a fan of your episodes!

You know my criteria, because everyone keeps repeating them anyway, heh.

Some of the animation felt life like. Was curious on the style you did for it. Yeah Ira looked a little bit like a lady. But it didn't hurt the presentation. Just smooth up some of the motion between the characters positions and it should look pretty good. Just wish they were a little longer for each episode ;)

littlegoblet responds:

Hee heee I wonder if Mike (EyesAdrift) could ever imagine doing a voice for such a characer. He is very diverse.

I take photos of myself in different positions as references. thanx for your tips buddy and I may try make it a bit longer in future :D

Not bad if I do say so myself.

This reminds me of the stuff that was made back in 2002-2004, but with an engaging plot and interesting characters. (Just like Ninjai and Genryu's Blade.) With that out of the way...

Graphics: This is the exact opposite from that Adventure Babies cartoon I previously reviewed. As in it has a unique style, but not the best animation. However, you did do a good job on the lip-sync and gave them some gestures. On the other hand, I think that your characters could use better poses, and a better sense of weight. In other words, consider investing in books on animating.
Sound: The voice acting was well done, but could have been a bit more expressive. Then again, that's a personal preference. The music used in this was both good and fit the setting quite nicely. However, I would also suggest that you expand your musician roster by adding Papkee and Bosa next time.
Content: I have to admit, you did a great job on the direction, story, and dialog for these so far. Plus, the pacing was also nice unlike those who slowly tween digital paintings across the flash stage or have things go so fast to where it's almost impossible to follow. Of course, I know a lot of people have complained about the length, but if there is something they need to learn; it is that longer does not equal better.

The Good:
-Great direction
-Good voice acting
-Nice music selection

The Bad:
-The animation could have been better, but I know you'll get better over time.

Overall: How would you like an eight out of ten? (4/5)

littlegoblet responds:

Oh I was curious so I had alot at those episodes you mentioned and they blew my mind. I only hope to be as good as that some day cause that would be a dream come true. I don't think I have the patients or discipline to ever become a professional. But my standard is always changing so who knows.
and thanx for the mention of those music artist there work is also fantastic. Yeah I hope as time goes by I will get better at conveying more expression across to the audience.
in the past I think I was also very bad at pacing so it means alot that you liked that part.
thanx for the great review buddy. this was very helpful and insightful. cheers