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We WARNED you to PWUH-PARE Yo' self.

ADVENTURE BABIES: The Animated Series
Episode 1: SODAR

Follow the nonsensical adventures of Baby Cailen, Baby Josh, and their friends from the playroom as they embark on a journey to find the sweet nectar of life, a can of soda.

Side Note: We are aware of the mic quality. That's why you should stick around for Episode 2!


Wow, this was probably the most deranged thing you ever worked on! I could kind of tell there was something wrong with the audio. Then again, that might have just been because you pointed it out. It was just freaking bizarre how mutated these babies were. The ones that were apparently human didn't even look like humans. The fat one looked like some kind of blob monster.

It was just so insane with how there was constant motion, it reminded me of "Ren And Stimpy". John Kricfalusi would be proud. It's great how you have no clue what's going to happen next in this. It's just a weird concept, all these babies are here for no reason. Still, it's very entertaining.

Words can't describe how amazing this is. Bring on moar Adventure Babies! Top notch stuff guys!

Creative, funny, long enough, going to be series... Good job guys.

OMG! i really love this show <3
it contains everything i love of the old 90s cartoons. from jokes to animation style
the voice acting is pretty good. (some doesnt really got good micros but thats not a big problem)
and its has pretty silly story about lack of knowledge from kids. just like rugrats ^^

in overall i really enjoy watching this, and cant wait for more
HOWEVER i still think the show needs an catchy opening .to make it even more perfect

Although the mic weren't that great, the animation was smooth and great and it had an original idea. Just like cartoons in the good old days, not now... ._. also, the cartoon seemed short, but im still excited for the next ADVENTURE BABIES!!!

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4.26 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2012
11:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Original