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We WARNED you to PWUH-PARE Yo' self.

ADVENTURE BABIES: The Animated Series
Episode 1: SODAR

Follow the nonsensical adventures of Baby Cailen, Baby Josh, and their friends from the playroom as they embark on a journey to find the sweet nectar of life, a can of soda.

Side Note: We are aware of the mic quality. That's why you should stick around for Episode 2!


Fpr the first time in a while,
I laughed my fucking ass off! good job.

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Well, the animation and voice-acting was stunning, but I don't think the comedy styles you're employing really work.

It's as if you take a very kids'-cartoony comedy, with the exaggerated expressions and classic character/humor archetypes and then go and throw in some blood and swearing and think that makes it better and more appealing to an internet audience. The blood and swearing seem very forced. When the humor wasn't predictable, it was unnecessary.

If the story isn't centralized around adult themes, don't include any. This fusion doesn't quite work, especially with how raw and direct you are with it. Some subtlety could go a long way.

That said, it was entertaining, and that was one of the most professionally-executed productions I've seen on this site. I will be waiting for the second.

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Some serious work went into this. Congrats to everyone involved! Love it :D

Pretty freakin epic. Hope you guys get enough dough to get that new audio recording stuff, really liked this episode.

Wow, the animation is actually really awesome. I wish there was shading but still, awesome. I hope you guys actually get a better mic so you can beef up the quality.

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4.26 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2012
11:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Original