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You and your wife were captured by demons! You have been trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years asleep... You wake up trapped in cell, grab your weapon and let the quest to find your wife begin!

New update:
Fixed sats & difficulty.
Change soul and save mechanic.
You can now gather 10 souls = 10 lifes chances to keep going.
fixed attack speed bug and score exploit.
Critical is now critical*2 rather then critical+attack.
Life gives to armor now.

Coming soon:
New world, new boss, new wife interaction based off the soul.
Shop based of score system as currency.



Is there a way to win the game? As someone else pointed out it would be nice to have save points. To play up to level 6 (and why is it that lvl 4 repeats?) and it all just be over kinda sucks. It is a good game but it would be better with save points or even to get 3 or 4 lives. It's a fun game but after 2 plays with no end in sight I will not be playing it again - just too frustrating!

I do like the simple design and Zeldaesque elements.

I really wanted to give this game a good score. It looked so nice and promising. Unfortunately then I played it for about two hours and was left extremely disappointed. There's just way too much wrong with it, including many of the basics:

- It's repetitive and boring. Can you actually even find your in-game wife? Level 50? 100? I was having fun till I got to L6. By L10 I already become bored yet decided to play to L15 in hope that it might just have an ending. Gritting my teeth, played till L20; even stopped sidetracking just so I can see the end. Then I gave up - wasted an hour for nothing. It's not fun fighting the same enemies on same levels the same way without any real goal at the end. The game is meaningless.

- It's stupidly easy. Very quickly the game lost any sense of difficulty once I realised I could just backtrack to refill. After the first map-cycle I become too powerful for anything to stop me. I'd just run into a room full of enemies and mash the mouse button and they'd all die. Even stopped using the block button when facing bosses, and I didn't even need to backtrack for refills anymore since my HP was almost always full.

- Gear levels are all messed up. I admit: It was very cool the way you could equip different gear and get new powers; shame they're completely broken. Very early I gotten some extremely powerful gear that was level 2, and later on, even after getting some level 13 gear, still there was nothing better! Also I don't know why I'm still getting 'normal' gear even after dungeon 10. By then it is completely obsolete. As far as the spells go, I just equipped the most powerful and never changed it.

- It lacks intelligent design. For example: the keys. They are completely unnecessary. You always get a key after killing every enemy in the room, and then use that key to open any of the previously unopened door. But there's enough keys to open every door in the whole dungeon, so why do you need to collect keys anyway? Another example: You can backtrack infinite times to get potions to refill HP, so why is there a 'PotionFind' weapon's perk? If my character goes berserk on his own doesn't take damage, do I even need to block? And lastly...

- The screen is cluttered and hemmed in. This is probably the biggest gripe I have with the game. Room-based dungeon crawling, massive effects and hundreds of enemies just don't mix well. It becomes impossible to see what is happening on the screen. Like I already said: at one point I just started randomly clicking the screen until all the enemies die. I had no idea what was going on until every monster was down and my flashy magic stopped exploding. Small rooms require less more intelligent enemies that I can fight skilfully and precisely. Facing large hordes requires either a bigger, more open-world like map or that they are coming from a specific side.

I do hope you consider fixing these problems and that next time I can actually give the title the rating it would deserve.

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I can't even begin to describe how awesome this game is. Its point and click, has a blocking and magic system, a dash attack, all the good RPG stats, and did i mention it only takes one finger to play?

First of all, this is one of the best dungeon crawler game I've ever seen. Very nice work, I totally fell in love with graphics, and sound effects. It remember me about old days playing A Link to the Past. Actually I ever love the "if you die you have to start from scratch" feature, it makes everything more difficult, and give A LOT to the gameplay. I know this has been done intentionally, because, as few noticed, if you close your browser and come back later you will still start where you left it, so yes, it saves.
Everything is good and really well done: Damage, Stats, weapons, armor and enemy balance were nice (actually, the most difficult thing in this kind of game, IMHO)
The only negative note is that it become repetive after 6-7 levels, and actually I don't know if it finish at some point (I'll check it later, actually I'm in level 14). This make the game mor a killtime rather than a real game, and Actually this is the reason why I gave 4 stars. I'll sure like to see a better and more lasting game made in this way :)

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Sep 15, 2012
10:54 AM EDT
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