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Armis 2.0

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Armis is brain-game fun.

After team color selection the system will highlight the set-up zone and situate your Flag.

Click 'Set-up' button, and click 'random legal' close set-up overlay, arrange pieces further if you wish, then click the overlay to confirm final set-up.

During your turn click on a player piece to highlight the legal moves for that particular piece, also refer to the onscreen guide to learn the game as you play.

See Player's Handbook (at ArmisGame.com), and youtube videos for Armis strategies, tactics and tricks.

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cool game. Have a good potential. Maybe if the screen was a little biger, I can't read some of the instructions and I have no particular problem to read smal text usually.

Also I can't find a way to raise the dificulty because even if I don't understand the game fully, I win everytime.

Armis responds:

wow, you win often that's great to hear.

We want to hire people like yourself to do Armis videos for youtube.

The computer at the Armis arena plays at a higher level, but the best quality game is found with the multiplayer game, also found at the Armis Arena

We are about to release the multiplayer game soon, but you can play the beta game anytime you wish here: http://cdn.playerio.com/armis-srkdzn5mwekitvp1dkvzja/index%202._v4.html

A little complicates at first but pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Armis responds:

Very true, the game's complexity is a learning curve issue, however once past the curve you will find that creation and execution of brilliant strategies and tactics in this complex environment is fun.

the idea is cool, but other than that the game itself doesnt explain anything, i and i believe several other people dont want to go to a different page to get the full instructions, so yea sorry guy.

Armis responds:

6 lines of text, the player's handbook info is on line 6, but the: "refer to the onscreen guide to learn the game as you play." is on lines 4 and 5 -- did you miss that?

Truly, what more do you want explained?

The Onscreen Guide explains each player piece: Duty, Movement, Power, and Special Condition.

How do you want the rules presented to you?

I love the brains of this game - the classic concept of chess combined with a modern political atmosphere.

I'd love to explore this more as it appears to have a lot of thought behind it, but trying to read the painfully small text descriptions of the units is unbearable.

A little easier on the eyes and this is definitely worth giving a go.

Armis responds:

I appreciate your constructive criticism; I see it was helpful to others and also helpful to me.

The sites default screen size is 550 x 400. I usually use nearly twice that but the site would not accept so I went with the default; after your suggestion I incrementally increased the sizes to find the size tolerance for the site, it is now set at about 900 x 700.

thanks again.

this sucks

Armis responds:

computer on beginner level beat you again eh?

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3.96 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2012
1:47 AM EDT