Farm and Grow

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Grow crops, send the children to school, buy and sell at the market, construct buildings and found a dynasty.

I made this in 4 days for the kongregate game jam (was a 10 day competition, but I didn't start until Thursday). Then I spent 2 weeks fixing all the bugs.

Instructions: Use the mouse. Click things. Figure it out. Sorry, not enough time to make a tutorial.

You need money to send your children to school.


deep and moving... really heart moving to follow this family through life and death... The music goes really well with the game too. It is like playing a piece of poetry...

1. Gameplay

The gameplay and quality is out of control. I've only played this for a few minutes, but it feels like I'm the farmer, struggling to make ends meet. A very good game, if you have nothing to do. It will take up a lot of time.

How should i put it . There few flash games where i forget about time and feeling very disappointing when it ends its quite short but man keep it up with games like this arcade games are boring but this strategy/simulator is just awesome

It was about an hour in before I realized I was playing for so long. It's a really great game. Nothing extreme, or anything, just something enjoyable. I'll come back to it again, later, for sure.

I think this is a really solid idea, but I got confused when I found that I wasn't able to grow all crops. Also, seems like everybody dies of STARVATION due to this....but then again I also like that after some time, distant relatives can inherit the farm...and die of STARVATION.
Overall, pretty cool.

out of 10...
gfx - 8
sfx - N/A
gameplay - 7
design - 8

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4.24 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2012
5:07 AM EDT
Simulation - Other