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Author Comments

EsPoir is a short platformer in which you will be chased in the darkness by a strange, hellish creature.
Will you ever find a way out ?

How to Play :

- Use the arrow keys to move
- Use the up arrow/ctrl/space to jump
- You will die if you ever get hit by the creature or fall on spikes, and it means you have to restart the current level.
- The game was made in a short time for a contest, and thus, it is very short. There are only 3 levels which can be beaten in less than a minute each, but it will most likely take a casual gamer 10 minutes to complete.
- There are two possible endings ; to get the hidden one, try playing the last level differently...

Have fun and spread the game ! :)



Idea was great, execution should have been more polished. The jumping felt off, not during the longer gaps, but whenever you had a single block to land on, it became frustrating. The visual style was beyond lazy, but I understand you were under a time constraint, so eh. A silhouette style such as in Limbo or Coma would have worked well. It pretty much felt like Mario with a limited range of view and a forced, breakneck pace. But still good.

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Crazy lag. It made the game really annoying to play on level 3.

Checkpoints are good, btw.

It was an alright game. The sliding aspect is alright, but it is just frustrating and pointless. I like games where you stop on a dime so that's just a personal preference. I enjoyed how a level would change once you would begin walking back the same way after a dead end; but I have an issue:

I beat the game the first time through with the true ending or as you say:
"With a key in my hand."

Now I expected that beating the game this way would not only unlock the "TRUE" ending, but the standard "beat the game" medal as well.

I earned the true ending, but the "beat the game" medal wasn't given to me even though technically I did beat the game. Now if the other medal said "bad ending" and one said "good ending" then I would be okay with it, but as it is your other medal says "beat the game", which I did and still don't have that medal.

Now I have to play through the game again to get the less than pro ending, thanks.

Aside from that the game is visually pleasing and so is the music to some extent. (Though I turned off the volume because music distracts me.) So for a contest with quick levels it is good, but I still have some other major concerns as well...

First off: I don't press a button to start a level, it just starts. Every time I die it jumps right back into the action. Now I can completely understand your approach so this isn't huge which is why I cover it first, but I really need a response to see if you just didn't think about it or you did this intentionally. I'm curious as to why you made this decision.
Second, where is the quality control?
Third, why do you not have WASD compatibility? You do realize that WASD is possibly the most common hand control for people to use in flash games, right? I find it the easiest and not to mention the reason for the ability to switch between WASD and arrow keys is so that if you are left-handed or right-handed you have a control scheme that is within your favor.

Lastly, the opening sequence is in French? Don't get me wrong, I mean the tutorial was great and all and very self explanatory... but I still don't know what the start key was since I basically just pressed random buttons on the keyboard. Was it the space bar? I'll never know. All I know is if you had the time to put in the controls in the description box below for the game then you could have mentioned something there about the start button...

3/5. I loved the concept and even the general execution, but those small details are very important to me.

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Not a terrible game by any means, but a short one. Which means because of the way it plays, thru remembering where and how to advance, the game becomes a chore of repetitivness quickly. I liked hat there were different ways the levels played out and how you use the gamer instinct of "i see it, so I must grab it" mentality, which has to do with the endings. I wish this were longer, with larger levels to try to get past. I can only reccomend this game for the points you can earn for your profile on Newgrounds. Sorry.

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its a OK game
i cant pass the first jump
and the creature is faster than you so i dont know
did you tested it?

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Leo-Games responds:

There are only 3 levels, so the difficulty is intentionally high.
I hope that with a little patience you will reach the end.

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Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2012
8:20 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other