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Author Comments

EsPoir is a short platformer in which you will be chased in the darkness by a strange, hellish creature.
Will you ever find a way out ?

How to Play :

- Use the arrow keys to move
- Use the up arrow/ctrl/space to jump
- You will die if you ever get hit by the creature or fall on spikes, and it means you have to restart the current level.
- The game was made in a short time for a contest, and thus, it is very short. There are only 3 levels which can be beaten in less than a minute each, but it will most likely take a casual gamer 10 minutes to complete.
- There are two possible endings ; to get the hidden one, try playing the last level differently...

Have fun and spread the game ! :)



This game lags so horrible it's nearly impossible to play. I got past the first level no problem, but the monster kills me before I even have a chance to run in the second level. I somehow got stuck in a wall and had to refresh, and now I cannot even make it past the first level because the monster kills me as soon as I have the ability to move. Very, very buggy game, and I wanted to like it so much.

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It became boring quickly. Nice concept, just needs to be more...interesting.

Mediocre to say the least. No horror, no music, boring gameplay.

It was somewhat entertaining, however, I'm having trouble with the last level. There is constant jerking and sliding which prevents me form navigating the spike area.

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The game got me to panic and run for my life, getting the right atmosphere.
I kinda hate timed missions, but this time it fitted with the platforming and shortness of the game.
Visual look was nice and fitting, but not TOO original.
Music was a good loop, fitting with the retro visual style. It kinda annoyed me though that it didn't end or change after beating the game.
Game mechanics were OK, pretty standard on this site.
SPOILER: The ending was like a slap to the face. I think we would've deserved the good ending, as the game was short and I don't think the logic to getting the good ending was visible even to the brighter guys, for the first run.

Because this was such a short game I won't rate it. You have potential for making a good, longer and more finished game.

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Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2012
8:20 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other