Monster Massacre

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Manage the archer destroy the monsters. Buy bows and arrows in the equipment store. Earn achievements and improve your character.

WASD or arrows - move
Mouse - shoot
Space - Heal Potion
F - bomb
P - Pause
M - Mute


It's pretty fun, but the hit box was slightly too large. There should be room for narrowly dodging the fire attacks.

should add a sword axe and a few sheilds still cool game

It's "ok" thought I couldn't even complete it, since the first boss just disappeared right before dieing and monsters kept appearing anyway.

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A bit glitchy but ok.

The graphics are ok and the control system works. Many of the bows can be skipped in favor of better ones but overall the shop prices seemed balanced enough. I also liked the stat upgrades at level up.

As for the glitches: sometimes, like after a boss level, no effects or loot would appear on the ground. They were still there, but their graphics were'nt. Sometime the empty boss hp bar was left showing in the next level. Also, are the boss hp bars quite correct? They appeared to take more hits in the end than expected. One more glitch: after I completed the game, I went to look at the achievements page and it said I had 0/13 progres, even though I'd earned some achievements as I'd just completed the game.

Even with the glitches the game is decent, although a bit easy.

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Okay game, overall. I had a glitch where money stopped appearing, though. Also, I know it may not be realistic but you should consider having some kind of magnet upgrade. It's annoying to have to walk over every money drop.

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2012
7:12 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler