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Simple slow paced tower defence game


Functional, just bad

Gameplay: Quirky theme holds momentary attention. Minimal plot numbs motivation. (2)
Graphics: Effort can be clearly seen. (4)
Sounds: Don't know about others, but the stage BGM appealed me. Lacks some SFX (gunshots). (3)
Controls: Aim-and-shoot (mouse) with hotkeys for weapon change. Both hands recommended. (3)
Interface: Easy to grasp instructions. Lacks tutorial - some readers don't like reading manual. (3)
OVERALL: 3 stars
- 0.5 star for money glitch and imbalanced difficulty progress resulting in reduced enjoyment (ha..).

- Deserves more exposure.
- Get the bugs fixed and it'll be a decent game that racks up at least 2 stars.

I actually quite like it.....
There are a shit ton of things you must fix to actually make this an enjoyable and fun experience.
The story thing is stupid but who cares about story right? RIGHT!?!?
The real main problem is that money situation, I mean what in the hell is going on with the money?
Fix that you get a decent game, fix the visuals you get a decent game, just fix everything and you'll get a decent game.
And I seriously doubt this is bottom tier in the Strategy section, there has to be worse games than this.

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Reminds me of alot of how newgrounds was back in 2001. :D so many memories.

couldent tel how much money or enimes or ammo u had left hard to tell how much u needed for another gun
not slow paced

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0.90 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2012
2:42 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense