Luiz & Bruna

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Play as Luiz and Bruna in this short platformer game.
Push blocks, turn switches, shot targets, jump on platforms... Do everything you can to meet the love of your life.

Stay 2 seconds in front of a door to open it.
Each door takes to one chapter in the story of this couple.
Generally, a chapter ends when Luiz touches Bruna.
Unlock all the seven doors to know the secret ending...

Use arrows to control Bruna, the lovely girl.
Use ADWS to control Luiz, her passionate boyfriend.
Touch the on/off icons (a circle with a line) to interact with the levels.

This game was build to tell the world how much I love her, my Bruna.

Version 1.2:
- Progress bar on the doors.
- Improved elevator in the main menu.
- Improved level 4 - bugs solved.

Version 1.1:
- Friction issue solved.
- More instructions included.
- More colors included.
- Improved levels (all new level 2)
- One more level at the end!


Regardless of controls and friction issues (which can even be turned useful if you get your head caught on a staircase or slope) an enjoyable and simple game.
I wish you two all the best, Luiz!

luizhsrocha responds:

Thank you so much.

Love's a weird feeling.

Anyway,nice,but yes,friction issue.

luizhsrocha responds:

Thanks! Try it once more. Version 1.1 solved this and other issues. Levels also changed!

I liked it but the controls are just too darn sensitive. Luiz, you jump and slide friggin everywhere and I suggest you lay off the caffeinated beverages. :P

luizhsrocha responds:

he he he. Thanks! I'm going to fix this "friction issue" and also make the controls clearer to the user.

really fun, the guy is a bit hard to move for me and it's lagging like crazy on my computer, but that might just be my computer i don't know

luizhsrocha responds:

Maybe this game itself is heavy. All my testing was made in high-performance computers. Sorry.

I wanted to like this game but it's unplayable. I couldn't even enter door #1. I tried pushing every button on my keyboard, and clicking on the trackpad - nothing. I discovered that the 'M' key made her smile, I checked out the information area to the left....nothing no help. It's too bad because I like the style of this game and it's music but....unplayable so I can't give it any stars.

luizhsrocha responds:

I've also detected, when testing from NewGrounds server, that the doors failed a lot. The idea is: when Bruna enters a door's area, it opens. When the user, then, press ENTER, the level starts. Maybe if I increase the door's area and remove the necessity to press ENTER, the things will get better.

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3.07 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2012
3:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle