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The dungeon of fear is the only remains of the castle of the families of Cavalades. During the XIIe century, this family is the source of many battles against the neighboring lords. Solicitating the famous battle of Calvary which was the scene of many atrocities.

Use Arrows key for ESCAPE BY THE MEDIEVAL HANGING CAGE - BEWARE OF SQUELETON - One step for one step !

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This game may not be the best one I have ever played but it is not as bad as I would expect from some of the previously made reviews. The idea of a maze in which you are stuck and must escape avoiding skeletons and collecting coins is entertaining for sure. Actually, it reminds me of Pac-Man: a maze-like level, enemies that will make your life difficult and coins to gather. So yeah, if Pac-Man-ish game style had any influence on this... Awesome!! Not to mention DungeonsTatics2 seems to have potencial and lots of room for improvement!

However, there are some key features to be thought of and some to be taken care of - because I personally believe they were not supposed to happen. Firstly, the enemy seems to be bugged: it can walk faster than you or so it has done to me once. I lagged at the bottom right corner of the map and the skeletons were all at the top left corner - I was trying to get them to be stuck at dead-ends - and when I was able to move again, all of the skeletons were right behind me. I kept pressing the arrows keys while lagged even though my characther were not walking. Also, the skeletons can kill you through the walls as well as sometimes walk over them (especially when its the corner block of a wall). Unsurprisingly, my characther was only able to walk over one block of wall, the one adjacent to what appears to be a broken wall, so it may be on purpose.

Secondly, something that have been mentioned before: there seems to be no improvement for the characther. So, once you collect all of the coins and finish the level the next level is just a modified version of the previous with no real addition to any of the characthers. It would be interesting to have some sort of advancement for the main characther, special coins that would provide something for the characther (freezing time for the enemies, for example) or even secret rooms/levels to be played once you achieved X within one specific level.

Lastly, I would appreciate if some of the light sources in the game were not placed in a manner it makes difficult to see wall blocks. I died a couple of times because of it and dying because of the game and not a player mistake is horrible... Seriously.

I give you 2.5 stars:

1.0 Star - Because it is fun, sure.
0.5 Star - I enjoyed the graphics (needs improvement)
0.5 Star - Interesting idea/concept of a game (needs improvement)
0.5 Star - Nice level of difficult!

honestly this game is terriable. skelotons attacked me through walls. at times they move two spaces to my one an catch up to me when they were a safe distance behind me. needs alot of work

It was good until level 2 when a skeleton was right behind me, it made a weird noise, and then I couldnt move

graphics are tough to come by -- if they're ripped like this guy below says, well - hey, the coding is yours . its not where they come from - its what you do with them. This has a real nice polished look to it.

This has a lot of potential, but lacks in several key areas. First, the graphics are clearly ripped from what looks like one version of RPG maker or another. Second, the game takes forever to load. Third, and I think most damningly, the gameplay lacks any real point. Maybe some character or plot advancement, or some sort of combat module would improve the game. Finally, the title is very misleading. There is nothing "dungeon" or "tactical" about Dungeon Tactics 2. Sorry, only one star.

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1.26 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2012
4:23 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other