Box'n'Ball 2

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Boxes can be pushed with clicks too.
Guide the Ball to the goal with least clicks. Help to take a key and to leave dangerous places. Move the green ball to the exit by clicking near it, while avoiding getting burned by those red lasers and staying away from the spikes!
Try to open secrets levels.

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One star for hijacking my right-click menu and not giving me a graphics quality toggle. That's ludicrous and annoying--and it needs to stop. Leave my right-click menu alone.

Nice brain games. i finish this game. Everybody must play it.

It is a different twist on controlling the force of the "hit" on the ball, but different it not always good. Since you have to get CLOSER to the ball to make it go farther, it makes the controls VERY sensitive. You move a couple pixels when you are right on top of the ball and you go from a straight horizontal shot to like a 30 degree angle. I got frustrated by the second level. the normal control sehem where you pull back farther from the ball to give it more power is much better since it means a slight wobble of your mouse doesn't change the direction all that much if at all.

Everything TheSuese said.

His whiny mumblings made me want to kill him, or pinch him... I couldn't decide. I'm giving you 3 stars for overall presentation... but the controls and gameplay could be improved.

Great game, may I suggest some minor improvements? I don't feel like the dude has enough 'push power', perhaps making the boxes have a little less friction. It's also a bit awkward to control the character's direction, the mouse has to be too close, just a little more range would help. Perhaps use a pool cue to indicate.

Rakotilla responds:

Unfortunately, its physics system don't allow to calculate pool cue.
Thank you.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2012
5:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other