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Unnatural Selection

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Author Comments

Game made for Ludum Dare (in 48 hours) the theme was Evolution.

A weird game about a mage and his aways-evolving-race of minions.
This jam I tried to do something different, the game got a little weird and confusing, it's more of an experiment than a game but I think it's playable.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around and SPACE to rally/disband your minions. They can reproduce a lot and that causes a mutation on their attributes, creating a natural selection of your minions.Some have special powers, like flying (or having loads of HP)

The game objective is to carry the purple crystals (one by one) to the altar.

Still a lot of unexpected behaviors my happen in the game, and the game is very easy. I plan to polish it a little during the week!

Hope you like it :)


I dont know why people cant be imaginative themselves, if you want a story, come up with one in your heads

Maybe your character is a sorcerer who tried to do some sort of seance and it backfired, sending him to the dark world, the only demons he could control were the weaker ones because he's a newbie sorcerer, he controls them, they attack for him and get more powerful, warding off the other demons who are trying to kill him.

really doesnt take much to make up a story...thats not to say it should be expected from the author, especially on a game that was built in 48 hours, theres a lot of coding/art creation that goes into these, a story is probably the last thing on their mind

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Needs to fix the dynamic of controlling the minions - it makes it unplayable after the first few levels.

It actually was really fun. it could be a great game. what i didnt like was lack of story. but i know that couldn't be helped.

Make this a real game! This has the potential to be really great!

This is one of the more inventive games that I've seen on Newgrounds in a while. Despite the need for polish, your natural selection for the minions is very organic and the level of change each generation is fun to follow. I would recommend the following for future iterations:

1) Story: Add some context for the actions of the minion master. The game is fun, but giving him a purpose would take it to the next level.
2) More control over the minions: Being able to give them standing orders (attack, defend, carry, etc) while keeping their spastic movement patterns might be a challenge, but could be fun. These commands would have to be group oriented since I wouldn't want to sub-select minions. Plus, with the ever-changing attributes of the minions, it would force the player to adapt play-strategy as well.

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2012
11:55 PM EDT
Strategy - Other