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Unnatural Selection

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Game made for Ludum Dare (in 48 hours) the theme was Evolution.

A weird game about a mage and his aways-evolving-race of minions.
This jam I tried to do something different, the game got a little weird and confusing, it's more of an experiment than a game but I think it's playable.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around and SPACE to rally/disband your minions. They can reproduce a lot and that causes a mutation on their attributes, creating a natural selection of your minions.Some have special powers, like flying (or having loads of HP)

The game objective is to carry the purple crystals (one by one) to the altar.

Still a lot of unexpected behaviors my happen in the game, and the game is very easy. I plan to polish it a little during the week!

Hope you like it :)


Wow, finally a challenging and enjoyable game. Bravo and thank you.

Minions wouldn't always evolve as needed.
Minions didn't always eat flowers when hurt.

Some things are off, but I can understand with the amount of time you had to make this.

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For the amount of time that was put into designing this game, I feel that it was very well made. While I appreciated the challenge of winning, I saw that the minions, on some of the harder difficulty levels, usually prioritized fighting enemies over eating corpses to reproduce and evolve. For this reason, I end up losing simply because the game's mechanics cause my minions to stop evolving and they all die.

Other than that, I think that a very good job was done on this game for being designed in 48 hours.

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Great idea but the priority is terrible. maybe if you could make them follow your mouse, or more closely follow your character

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That's pretty damn good. It'd be nice to have more levels, and maybe some kind of upgrades.

I like. :D

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2012
11:55 PM EDT
Strategy - Other