Unnatural Selection

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Game made for Ludum Dare (in 48 hours) the theme was Evolution.

A weird game about a mage and his aways-evolving-race of minions.
This jam I tried to do something different, the game got a little weird and confusing, it's more of an experiment than a game but I think it's playable.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around and SPACE to rally/disband your minions. They can reproduce a lot and that causes a mutation on their attributes, creating a natural selection of your minions.Some have special powers, like flying (or having loads of HP)

The game objective is to carry the purple crystals (one by one) to the altar.

Still a lot of unexpected behaviors my happen in the game, and the game is very easy. I plan to polish it a little during the week!

Hope you like it :)


I do not know what is anyone's issue. The game is easy and the minion AI is normal. All you have to do to properly defend and pass lv4 and so on is to leave the minions unrallies around your altar and go get the crystals. Worked for me and passed everything at first try.

good idea, but the minion AI is ghastly, and the game becomes nearly impossible because of it.

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Very fun. Very challenging. Took me awhile to get past level 3. Mostly because I kept trying to super power my minions, then realized, wait, the goal is to get the crystals. So I fucking booked it while strategically rallying my minions for max survivability.

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I'm going to be blunt:

The AI for the minions is complete and utter garbage. I barely made it through the third level, and I COULDN'T make it through the 4th level, it was so horrible.

My concerns:
- No priority control. Half dead minions rushing off to fight over-powered enemies even though there's a flower right next to them. Weaker minions have no healing priority over full health minions. There's absolutely no distance priority for enemies, to the extent that an enemy attacking my orb while I was standing next to it was IGNORED ENTIRELY in preference for something off screen. No priority for evolution over combat, even during relatively peaceful periods. No priority choice for evolution ("Hmm, I could really use a tank right now... Oh, I got two weaklings...")

- No focus. And I mean NO focus. They would start to attack an enemy, then suddenly jump to the furthest enemy away for no reason. This left a lot of still powerful enemies charging at my face while some weakling off the screen was being slaughtered by my entire army. And instead of attacking in groups, they would split up and die alone fighting enemies that were way to powerful for them.

- No pathfinding. They would get stuck on the tiniest bumps in the terrain and just sit there, trying to get to me, ignoring everything else until I walked back to them and picked them up. Thankfully, the flyers didn't have this problem, since they ignore walls and all, but still, everything else was just annoying.

- And that's another thing: The flyers moving off the known terrain to engage an enemy. When they killed it off the available space, the enemy left no corpse. No corpse = no evolution, no evolution = no fresh units.

It's a good concept, and a fun little mini-game at first, but the obnoxious and pervasive stupidity of the AI ruined it completely by the time it actually started getting difficult. Good job for only 24 hours work, I'm sure I couldn't pull it off at my current skill level, but still...

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There isn't much to do. Gather your minions near the orb. Fetch a crystal. Gather your minions near the orb. Fetch a crystal...

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2012
11:55 PM EDT
Strategy - Other