1st Love

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Rsetienne did another collab and made this cheesy thing

btw rsetienne animated the hand holding thing too i forgot to put in the credits


This was very well done but I wish it wasn't anime stile. I just see it all the time and something different is always refreshing. Though it reminded me of my favorite first date up till now. Except she didn't just knock over one drink she took out the whole table. She was excited to be with me so it made me just like her more. *sigh*

Beautiful and smooth .. I like it. This short video tells a nice story. Music and animation is very well done.

I just presset 5 stars and moved on. This became too nostalgic for my taste :,|

not bad... the first love is always the most memorable. and for me the most powerful. this video has bought back memories... thank you

Just ONE problem:
when showing the lovers holding hands the second time (very end),
the hands become anatomically incorrect. The thumb is in the wrong position for both people.
They also have a weird way of holding hands; maybe you should spend some time looking at different people holding hands.
Also, if the green shirt and purple shirt have switched sides, this should be more obvious.
This was the one inconsistency I found in this piece.

Good Things.
Visually spectacular!!!
The music felt good for this (lyrics weren't perfect, but the feeling was there)

I'm only being hard on you because it's good.

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3.84 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2012
10:52 PM EDT