The Door

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*Watch till the very last second, and you will understand that I'm not really planning on making this into a movie or anything :)*

What better date to publish an animation, than on ones very own birthday?

I made this little thing for an animation tournament called NMAE. The theme was "Hidden Door". Competitions are fun. I learn a lot from them. This time I just wanted to keep things simple. I had this idea for a horror-trailer-kind-of-th ing. I wanted to focus on the mood of the animation this time around, and for that, I decided to work on the audio before the animation itself. Great thanks to the voice actors who were able to lend me their voice on such a short notice!

Feel free to check this out on Youtube and subscribe if you like my animations and wish to support them.

Have a nice day!

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Yep, I recognize Kirbopher's voice in this. It's actually weird how it's mostly a joke at the end. This guy looks exactly like Cilan from "Pokémon". That can't be a coincidence! I haven't heard of this contest. Yeah, I would have liked to see this go on.

It's weird how the new intro is being played. The animation is just gorgeous in this. I know that you're a great artist, Hikarian. It's quite fun to see these great colors. Short, but very nice.

(reaction to 0:55)
e_o uhh ok then...
good animation by the way.^-^

Nice! If I knew how to draw, I would make it into a movie with your permission. But I suck at drawing! Cool Animation and great stuff! I don't care if it is a fake trailer. It was really cool.

Ooo, I like that animation style. Hope to see more of this soon;)

I was not looking at the screen when he opened the door XD

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3.68 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2012
12:33 PM EDT