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TU Unleashed

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Flight Simulation game where you have to fly passengers around the islands, unlock airplanes and become the number one airline. You play as "HAWAI" airlines. Sequel to TU 46 and TU 95.

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Very nice game, like TU-46. For those, who saying, that it's hard to land, you probably should stop landing with very big angle or with low or high speed. Just have a nearly straight angle, normal/landing(preferrable) flaps and 90% throttle (just release the up arrow and throttle will automatically reduce to 90%). When you touch the ground, turn off the engine to break faster and hold down arrow.

If you are having troubles descending, follow this solution. Switch flaps to landing on distance, that equals H/K (H - height, K - number in range of 20-25), then rotate down untill your flight marker will be between middle and upper line. Open your gear when the "Start Descending" notification appears.
Actually, you can descend as you want. But this variant is "auto-landing" one and is the best choice for ones, who struggles to maintain the landing process.

Runway appears on distance 10. Make sure not to "land" earlier!

Some day, it will become intuitive, and you will love this game.

Additional help for non-experienced pilots:
If your GEAR jammed, there's nothing to worry about - your landing process will remain the same. However, you may gain more expenses (TU-46)
If your gear BROKE... I don't remember if you can close the broken gears, that happened to me too many years ago and only once. But you CANNOT anyhow land with broken gears opened.

If your FLAPS jammed...
1. Normal - Start descending earlier and have A BIT higher vertical speed on landing
2. Takeoff - you'll need a skill. Decrease your height with full throttle as much as it possible, but beware of high sensitivity (full throttle reduces it)! Preferrable height is 70 or under. Open your gears ONLY IF you are sure, that you will be able to land on the beginning of the runway. When you're above the runway, decrease your height to 30 with 90% throttle and then decrease your throttle to 88 and start descending with 1-2 right arrow keypresses. You won't ascend anymore and your vertical acceleration will temporarily stabilize. (Make sure you will land on time, because you don't have much of it. The stabilization remains for 3 seconds, then the aircraft will start falling) Turn off your engine as soon as you touch the runway.

Handling an engine fault
In TU Unleashed, there is a hot start mechanic, so the restart is faster, then a cold start. TU-46 doesn't have this mechanic, so it's harder to maintain.
Put the hull up to 25 degrees, and switch flaps to takeoff as soon as engine restarts.
Minimal survival heights on engine fault (TU-46):
Takeoff - 600-800m.
Normal - 1000-1200m.
Landing - may vary depending on time since flaps had been switched.
In TU Unleashed you can survive on 500-600m. for all flaps
Consider upgrading aircraft mechanics (TU-46) if you are having troubles with engine fault.

P.S. About the flight stabilization. With normal flaps, keep the hull up a little (keeping your flight marker on the center or a little above/under), and increase your throttle to 94-95 (by tapping 4-5 times on up arrow). It won't decrease or overheat your engine.
You may ascend or descend by a constant insignificantly low value - it's hard to keep it the same (but possible).

P.P.S. This solution is relevant for TU-46 and TU Unleashed.

It's not hard, u just gotta tap the buttons

THIS IS SO FKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too much lag!!!! but fun

Terrible. Why are there so many of these? Has anyone told the creator(s) that planes don't work like this?

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Sep 5, 2012
12:26 PM EDT