Sonic Unxpct Advent EP: 2

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Hi, This animation was made 3 years ago, I wanted to make some changes to it but it didn't allow me to so I had to upload it again.

Due to the way how it was made I could not edit the sprites or anything major in it, the only thing that I could improve was the spellings and the graphics! hope you enjoy.

I will try and upload all of my old episodes again after improving.

At the moment episode 6 is the latest one on the series make sure you have a look at that.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy the animation. just a reminder this animation is 3 years old.


I love Sonic! This reminded me of the old game intros :)

superhyperturbosonic responds:

Kool, thanks for watching :)

you know how businesses have those production names, is that a official name or do people just come up with them whenever they want.

as far as sprite animations go this was pretty good. no one should expect to be as good as alvin-earthworm on their first couple of tries so with that in mind you're on the right path.

superhyperturbosonic responds:

Wow thanks buddy! im just trying my best to make my animations look their best! and With comments like yours im surely going to make my animations awesome! :) And I just made that production name up AMR is short for my name...

Thank you for watching

I remember watching this before. Why did you delete this and then re-submit? I didn't notice any changes.

superhyperturbosonic responds:

I know this was on Newgrounds like 3 years ago and when I tried to edit it I couldn't so I had to upload a new one. And like I said you wont see much of a difference to the one 3 years ago the only thing which has changed is the graphics and a huge improvement in spelling because people were getting really annoyed so yea.. :) thank you for watching

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Sep 5, 2012
9:42 AM EDT