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Nightly BreakOut

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Author Comments

Nightly BreakOut is a fun arkanoid and breakout game featuring 20 challenging levels. The mission is simple destroy all the bricks and dont let the ball drop to the floor. Instead of classical arkanoid games you control a 360-wheel to hit ball back to the bricks. For every brick you destroy you climb higher up in the leader board!

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It was a retro game, somewhat hard, (not much) which is the only good thing about this,
it's not a horrible game, but it's not a good one either.

verry bland and boring no real lvls no power ups and the wheel might be original as far as i know but it doesent make it more fun to play with just more anoying its awful! this should be blamed to non existance

you move too slow to make it fun

it just don't float my boat- i can't get the hang of the wheel and where are the powerups?

shame, 'cause i like arkanoid.

Retro, but not an improvement.

I'm a huge fan of block breaker, and remember hijacking my grandmothers green screen computer in order to play for hours. I even remember the revamping of the game years ago with all the upgrades, specials, and unique levels, and again playing the game for hours. Sadly, on this game, I found myself nostalgic for the previous versions, and not overly excited about this game.

Like mentioned in previous reviews I found myself in a control void for the first game. Not so much because the controls were difficult, but more so because they were different from the previous versions of this game. The space bar has always been the launch button to start the game, so changing it to the up arrow was just odd for anyone who has played this type of game before. I spent at least two minutes trying to figure out all the controls for a game that really only uses three keys. I will admit that the last version of block breaker I played only used the mouse, so going back to the left and right arrow was retro, and disorienting.

My biggest complaint is the fact that the ball starts at a ninety degree angle, and does not shoot off the start at a random angle other than ninety. Case in point, I have been writing this review for twenty minutes now, and being given the option of a perfect ninety degree angle, I just chose to press the up arrow to start the game. Twenty minutes later, the middle rows of the blocks are gone, and the ball is just bouncing off the ceiling and off the ball for what I can only presume is indefinitely. Granted I have to move to win the level, but I would still have an easy kill of all the blocks directly above the starting point.

My other complaint is the fact that you're using a circular object on a square map. Without the right angles necessary I can't really cover all the corners of the map, and end up losing numerous lives to the fact that the breaker is a circle, and I can't get all the way to the wall at the bottom most point. A better solution would be to have a circular map in which I could get the bottom most point, and in doing so, you could add an interesting twist to the genre of block breaker games. I would have also liked to have seen some bonus ideas mixed into the game in order to make it more interesting such as multiple breakers, cannonball breakers, ect., something to make it unique.

It's a good effort, but could use some new ideas to tweak a retro genre style of game.

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2012
6:22 AM EDT