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Escape from the VBP

rated 3.71 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Sep 4, 2012 | 11:50 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins and escape from the Very Bad Planet in this fast-paced action/arcade game!
Some explanations, hope they help:
- The indicators of the health and ammo are at the bottom of the screen
- The ammo indicatoir appears when you buy and equip a gun (by clicking on the gun in the shop and then Use button) and increase the maximum ammo number.

EDIT: Just made a little update, hope you like it:
- Coins have slightly bigger hitbox, now it's easier to collect them
- The difficulty of the game when closer to the end is increasing, adding some more challenge
- After the teleporting is completed, the ship is indestructible for a few seconds, so it won't suddenly run into walls:)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The spaceship's "collision box" is too big, at least I'm getting destroy without actually touching the obstacles.

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meinlogin responds:

I guess the issue is in some obstacles' hitboxes, will look into it later today.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

this could be so much better.

the limited ammo crap was annoying.. and poorly explained. yes you said "gun is useless without it" but that wasn't exactly clear. why not just call it ammo or "maximum ammo" or something? or better yet why not remove that stupidly annoying mechanic and replace it with a nice solid set of upgrades of the weapon instead.

also.. no indicator of how much health or ammo you have was quite a ridiculous oversight on your part.

why not more enemies? why not a real incentive to buy the weapons?

in short.. why not make a good game instead of a bad one that had the merest semblance of promise?

and having to click use on the weapon after you buy it... that would make more sense if the interface was cleaner.. instead of a mess where you have to click these icons to have a clue what they are.

all in all... i was going to give this 3 stars but writing this review made me realize it was more like a 1.5.

if you wish to respond to my feedback, message me privately. i can't reply to your response here.

meinlogin responds:

There are ammo and health indicators at the bottom of the screen, I will make some different instructions to better explain this. In short, I wanted to make this game more like avoider, and not like shooter, so that's why there is limited ammo. Anyway, thanks for the fair opinion!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

in the opening cutscene thing, the ship looks like superman on fire
just thought you'd like to know that

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meinlogin responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not bad. Got me entertained for a while; it's quite addictive. Also, even after beating the game, I played again only to get all achievements, buying weapons worse than the one I had and chasing bonuses just for chasing them.
The teleport was a bit annoying because there wasn't much visual feedback about it (and in the first upgrade levels it's hard to notice it)... dunno, maybe an icon indicating that you are teleporting, or a trail of semi-transparent aircrafts, like >>>>>. Same goes with the weapon; I didn't notice I had bought it because it's not armed by default and you have to click "Use". Other than that, the game was cool.

I don't like that the Top 100 score is divided by countries.

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meinlogin responds:

Thanks for your opinion, I'm glad you liked the game. Now I see that some in-game things might have been explained better. About the scoring system: I have no influence on it, I'm just developer:).


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it's a fun little game. Take it off newgrounds and make a ipod version or something and sell it. i'm fucking serious. i've seen crappy games on the apps but this one here i'm sure you'd make money and promote your skills.

Graphics are so-so. Pixel aren't really my cup of tea. This game doesn't make me rage about it tho. it's fluid, not too bright, not too dark. It's a good combination with the colors. (Maybe a shade darker for the bonuses icons? the green i mean)
Music is... You can find better music easily. However I must compliment your choice. it's not the best, but it's very good. it fits with the game and is not too agressive.
Sounds are great. I have been known for having issues with sounds in any games but not this time. They feel natural even though it's similar to an 8-bit or 2-bits kinda sound.
Controls are perfectly fine. by upgrading the ship's speed they become more fluid and the ship is easier to control.

Bugs : collecting bonuses after having bought a gun but no ammos is as useless as not buying gun at all. might not be a bug in itself, but it is annoying. especially for I, who buy the most expensive gun and dont have ammos. I managed in the end so it's fine. If i can, anyone can.
Some walls have a slightly bigger hitbox than what we can see. Talking pixel, 2 pixel around would be the answer. Once known it can be easily dealt with, but it's still annoying. especially with 2 ships coming after you.
Achievement "100,000 points from bonuses" does not work. why? because not only does bonuses not give any worthwhile point (except resplenishing health or ammos) the random nature of them is too unrealiable to get to 100k bonus. i've got every bonus i could find in 2 runs and i can tell you it's impossible. The "100k points in one run" is fine though.
Achievement "99 km without being hit" does not work either. As soon as you get the maxed out warp you should have the achievement but it doesn't give. after which i did fly over 200 km (strictly speaking: the rest of the run) without being hit once. yet i didn't get the achievement. maybe the "warp" override have something to do with this?

You should put a Quality button. the game is light and doesn't lag much but since you can right click to change the quality, maybe you should add the button? I dunno, it's just less trouble for people like me. Won't influence much.

While the game itself is considerably good, there are small issues which affect my gaming experience. I'm pricky, I know. However in this specific case, it's because I want you to be known and help you progress. I didn't think i'd love this game so much. It was a pleasant surprise!
I'll pass the word to my friend. they got to try this at least once.

Good luck!

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meinlogin responds:

Wow, that's just super-detailed and awesome feedback. Thank you very much, I'd put Double helpful for the post if I could:).
I have uploaded the new version with two bug fixes for achievements. And the issue with bonus is in incorrect description. You will receive it if collect total 100 bonuses (in all games).