Escape from the VBP

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Upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins and escape from the Very Bad Planet in this fast-paced action/arcade game!
Some explanations, hope they help:
- The indicators of the health and ammo are at the bottom of the screen
- The ammo indicatoir appears when you buy and equip a gun (by clicking on the gun in the shop and then Use button) and increase the maximum ammo number.

EDIT: Just made a little update, hope you like it:
- Coins have slightly bigger hitbox, now it's easier to collect them
- The difficulty of the game when closer to the end is increasing, adding some more challenge
- After the teleporting is completed, the ship is indestructible for a few seconds, so it won't suddenly run into walls:)


This is exactly like "Jetpack Joyride" but slightly less fun. I really liked the rainbow theme and music, and the game seemed to be well put together except the fact that the guns and rockets did nothing (are you sure it's a mouse click to shoot?). Not too difficult and a good time waster.


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meinlogin responds:

To use the gun you need to equip them (click on the pruchaed gun, then Use). It's not very clear, I'll try to make better in-game explanations.

My ship can't seem to shoot even with rockets and upgraded guns.

meinlogin responds:

Try equipping the gun by clicking on the gun and then on the Use button.

This is a great game i had alot of fun playing it. you should probably have made the strongest gun a little more expensive, the hit box for this ship was a little to big but i could easily beat the game with it, and you might have added a little header to show where your ammo and hits were (only found it when i was looking over the screen. overall this game was quite good with good music.

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meinlogin responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I clearly see from the comments that the game needs better instructions. Will try to fix this.

Haven't played the game yet . but lol @1247rat . i +'d your comment (;

I suck at this but it is fun. I think?

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meinlogin responds:

Haha, just try to go to Shop and you'll get some bonus money immediately. You can spend them on the speed upgrade and this will make playing easier.

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2012
11:50 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight