Escape from the VBP

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Upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins and escape from the Very Bad Planet in this fast-paced action/arcade game!
Some explanations, hope they help:
- The indicators of the health and ammo are at the bottom of the screen
- The ammo indicatoir appears when you buy and equip a gun (by clicking on the gun in the shop and then Use button) and increase the maximum ammo number.

EDIT: Just made a little update, hope you like it:
- Coins have slightly bigger hitbox, now it's easier to collect them
- The difficulty of the game when closer to the end is increasing, adding some more challenge
- After the teleporting is completed, the ship is indestructible for a few seconds, so it won't suddenly run into walls:)


This game is simple in concept, but nice in design. I liked how as you progressed through the different colours, all colours changed, including the lasers.

There are a few things that would be better though, here are my suggestions.

When getting upgrades at the start of the game, it's really easy to get the best stuff up first, thus avoiding any of the previous purchases. I suggest making them more expensive so that people have to work a bit at getting the weaponry, thus increasing the difficulty of the game. Even having the gun as upgradable is an idea, that way you go through all the different purchases, or can upgrade multiple times to speed up the progress. This can also go for the money collector.

After getting all upgrades and purchases, you tend to get a lot of extra money. It might be an idea to utilise more once-per-game upgrades, like the bomb. An item to fully replenish your health and bullets, to slow down the game, temporary invincibility, all are valid ideas, see which one sits with you best.

A few suggestions for fixing. When the laser things are destroyed, sometimes they leave behind part of a laser that still hurts you. Also, it might be an idea to add some instructions, even a one page screen with arrows pointing to most of the stuff, shield power, bullet power and their respective guns, money, distance and other things. This is a great place to sort of 'advertise' your upgrades in the shop.

Also, at the end of the game, maybe having words scroll across as someone passes past the red zone, something like '... I did it...' adds a little more in terms of story, and gives a somewhat more satisfactory ending.

Despite all these things to change, the actual game is pretty neat, and I'm happy to have played it. It's simple but not in a way that makes it look like you made it too 'cheap'. Also, most of the errors are minor, and it seems you caught the worst mistakes early. I'm impressed, and really want to use some concepts you've got in the game when I get good at flash programming.

Good work!

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meinlogin responds:

Hi, thank you for the detailed feedback! I guess if just I gather all the small (and not so small) things people suggested here I can make a second version of the game, which will be much better than this one:).

By far easiest game i have ever played beat it on my first try and couldnt really get the consept or the story of it is kinda just putting you out there but it was ok so 3 stars

dX) D$

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meinlogin responds:

Thanks for the fair feedback, more difficulty levels is the thing I would add in a sequel to this game if it appears somewhere in the future.

Good, I like the simplistic style. Also limiting hp and bullets was a good decision (?)
Though it was a bit easy. After playing one round, i could already buy the best gun. Of course, this wasn't very useful since i only had 2 bullets and even tapping your mouse will shoot both, so the gun speed is a bit too fast. It was also pretty short. In the future if you make a similar game, please add more levels - maybe 3. Also, a boss fight would be nice. When I got to the red, I was expecting one, but that was just the end of the game. Fun, held my attention enough to finish. One last thing: I would like if you made achievements for Newgrounds as well as in game. 4/5 :)

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meinlogin responds:

Thanks you for the feedback! If I make some kinf of sequel, I will definitely add arcade mode with infinite play.

Very addictive game, nice music and nice retro graphics.
Here's some suggestions (high to low priority):
* Implement medals!
* Automatically "USE" the weapon you buy... if the player bough a new weapon why he shouldn't want to use it right away?
* What about collecting stats during the game and showing them on menu/shop? time played, obstacle/enemies killed, money collected, bonus collected (helpful to know how far from getting "100 Bonus" achievement).
* Expand the ending a little when the player complete with all achievements (should be nice for the player to be better recognized for all his efforts).
* Add "All coins collected" and "Finished without getting hit" achievements.

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meinlogin responds:

Hey, that's a very good suggestions, especially about stats and different ending for the best players. Thank you very much!

Great, but it was too easy for me. Actually I could survive to the end with no single gun equipped... Like TuXiLLO says below, you could add some boss battle (maybe when the background color changes?). As for me, further update for coin attractor (like its attracting power gets bigger, or doubles coin value) or something like that would make the game a little more interesting.
And one more thing - go-back-to-menu feature (during the game) could also be added.

Anyway this is very interesting game! Keep working:)

meinlogin responds:

Hi, thank you! Yes, the game is easy for experienced gamers, I see it now. In the future, will make several difficulty modes.

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2012
11:50 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight