Escape from the VBP

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Upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins and escape from the Very Bad Planet in this fast-paced action/arcade game!
Some explanations, hope they help:
- The indicators of the health and ammo are at the bottom of the screen
- The ammo indicatoir appears when you buy and equip a gun (by clicking on the gun in the shop and then Use button) and increase the maximum ammo number.

EDIT: Just made a little update, hope you like it:
- Coins have slightly bigger hitbox, now it's easier to collect them
- The difficulty of the game when closer to the end is increasing, adding some more challenge
- After the teleporting is completed, the ship is indestructible for a few seconds, so it won't suddenly run into walls:)


Lots of fun. Addicting gameplay. My only issue was that the control of the ship was too sloppy. You lost control when the mouse got close to the edge of the window and the ship was a second delayed when you had to make tight maneuvers. Fun however.

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meinlogin responds:

Hi, thank you for the feedback! Not sure if I can do anything with the mouse when it leaves the active window though:(.

Too easy, the only real challenge was that I lost control of the ship every time I had to go near the edge of the screen. A slower upgrade progression and some variation in the weapon would have gone a long way into making the game better, since as it is now you can buy the best weapon right from the start and since the only difference is rate of fire and damage, there is no reason to ever use the others. Some variety in enemy type would have been great, since those kamikaze ship or missile or space duck or whatever were very easy to dodge. Apart from that, the game was fairly well made and nice to look at, I'm sure your next game will be great.

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meinlogin responds:

Thanks for the critical opinion! I will definitely add more kamikaze space ducks in the next game;). And of course, will think how to make the game deeper and more challenging.

Nice game my only complaint is that your hit detection is not pixel perfect, a few times i was about to pass under or over or between walls and got damaged with out touching the walls and got destroyed as this game is about avoiding the walls that is kind of an important point.

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meinlogin responds:

Oh yeah, that's a problem. I use hitboxes for collisions, and it's not easy to find the balance between 'too easy' and 'too hard' sides. I guess I need to look into pixel perfect collisions and try to use them in the next games. Thanks for the post!

Can't say I was all that impressed with the final product. While it was quite pleasing to look at (The environment shifting along the color spectrum as an indication of progress was quite nice), and the controls were nice and tight, there isn't really a good base for a game here.

There is a plot, but it's so vague and unclear that it might as well be non-existant. The only threat besides the semi-random, predictable projectiles of unexplained origin (missiles? other ships?) is a player's complete inability to move their mouse. Ammo packs are frequent enough that the environment never feels like something you need to worry about. Combine this with the slow crawl of your ship and handing players enough money to buy the best items right out of the starting gate and the result is that you never feel like you're being challenged. Consequently, there is no feeling of accomplishment for beating the game.

There are a lot of games on NG that have a lot of ambition, but so little polish that they become unplayable. You've accomplished the exact opposite here. I am disappointed in the shortcomings, but it's very apparent that you have the skill to produce something much better.

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meinlogin responds:

Thank you for your opinion. The vagueness of the story is intentional, wanted to make it as simplistic as possible:). About the controls: there is upgrade which really improves the handling of the ship, it should help. And about the challenge: I've got lots of such suggestions. The issue is that different players play differently. I should have done difficulty selection here, but missed this thing.

Very cool! Love the cool graphics, and gameplay aswell as control's we're very nice. Only problem is, I don't know if the game is randomly generated but sometime's objects go through where gold should be, I don't know if its a flaw but it was just wierd. Anyway, good game!

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meinlogin responds:

Hey, thanks! You are totally correct: levels are generated automatically, and if a coin appears in the wall, it's self-destroyed:). It's possible to leave them there, but it just doesn't look very good visually, so I remove them.

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2012
11:50 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight