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Nuke Gun

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Shoot down waves of machines and robots using your giant gun!

*Thank you so much for your comments. We found the bug that causes the logo to remain on the gameplay in some browsers (that wasn't our purpose, obviously the gameplay should remain clear of any logos).

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I remember.

A decent game, nice graphics / weapons / enemies variety. I also liked it that there were several sectors with different gun placements.
I nearly gave it a 6 or less when I played the second time and found that I have to start from scratch... But that was apparently due to the fix for the logo bug being uploaded. +1 for fixing stuff :)

I did notice some bugs and annoying behaviors though. If I pause the game and decide to return to the main menu, the main gun is destroyed, but I remain in the pause screen... When loading a game, I get right to the battle screen, and can't shop; on the other hand, support units can only be build in the battle screen and cannot be repaired. The World Savior and Boss Destroyer awards didn't work, and the penetrating weapon - I don't remember its name - has a fire rate nowhere near 20. And if I get back to a previous weapon I pay for it again. Overall, quite a few shortcomings, which if fixed can make this a really good game.

Great game !
Really simple but yet original. Fun graphics, multiple upgrades..

Now you need to add some little things. For exemple, when Campaign is finished, you can't restart it, only going to last lvl.. Maybe a infinite wave survival mode, where enemy don't stop spawning, with maybe a Shop button or some shop-time regularly.
Also adding some new maps and new upgrades, turrets, weapons.. Some secondary/tertiary weapons (like those homming added to main cannon) etc.
Reducing a bit the size of enemies, cannon and turrets would be a solution to make the area feel larger though.

Also noticed two lil bugs : I didn't get the Boss Destroyer and World Savior awards after finishing the campaign...
And on a wave on last area, first wave, I've open the turret upgrade tab just when the wave ended. after closing the tab, I just was unable to click any of the three buttons (main menu, shop, next wave).

Keepin'an eye on your games ;)

Errr... did I just beat the game on my first try without even getting hit? WAY too easy... but still had fun I guess. Think the way I upgraded gave me a HUGE advantage... but I won't reveal that.

This game has so much potential. The simplicity of the interface is great! However, like others have said, the Kizi logo and and income areas just take up waaaay to much of the screen. Also, the fact that the enemy can go off screen and shoot you, but you can't see them is ridiculous. And finally, you need to look up survival mode. It does NOT consist of 10 rounds, then make you build over from scratch. It is supposed to allow you to build up weapons and defense while getting progressively harder. You fix these issues and you could have a very good game that has replay value.

kizigames responds:

Thanks for your comment, it's a bug that will be fixed, please see author comments.

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3.56 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2012
4:52 AM EDT