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Decision 2

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Take under control another city full of evil creatures.
- WASD/Arrows to move.
- Mouse to aim.


Marvelous game, but it keeps jamming...

Was going for 100% but then discovered I couldn't get the hidden spot on the bottom left of the West area Tower territory when using the Ramble option to explore it. My guy goes to the spot but then can't seem to start examining it like he can the other hidden spots.

I'm using Firefox beta 16.0 if that makes a difference.

Also I like the map that you provide that can be accessed from the achievements page via the "Satellite view (link)" button, though other than exploring the areas yourself and figuring out what each section is by the landscape and landmarks, the map is a little hard to read as far as knowing what each place is. I wasn't sure which part of the map is the recon, cleanup, tower or factory territory until I entered and explored a bit myself.

You were probably going for a clean look to the map, and maybe you meant for the player to explore themselves using the map as a slightly vague guide, if they decided to use it.

Good game for the most part, although having played the first one, this one seemed easier and pretty short, mostly because I knew how to take control of territories with fair ease, I imagine.

It would be nice if there were more to work towards, by the end I felt like I'd gained all this power but didn't have a whole lot to use it on. I used the machine guns almost exclusively after some upgrading, but used the shotgun for a little while prior to that.

The Engineering III upgrade made the upgrade and capture phases almost too easy, if the area wasn't too heavily infested, and if it was heavily infested, taking the time to clear the area of what was there prior to starting the capture process also made things quite simple. I didn't allow places I had control over to become too infested, so upgrading was never very hard, although there was a couple times I let the infestation get to around 40-50, and it was considerably more difficult to fend off all enemies using solely the minigun.

I could see the elements you've put together here being used to create a much more expansive game, with more types of objectives, places to capture, perhaps having to deal with survival elements, and maybe even being able to gain NPC characters to help defend certain areas, or even join you in battle perhaps. It might be fun to capture a multi-level building that could be used to help house survivors and such. The game does seem oddly devoid of living people considering there was the helicopters and factories, and the turret shooting in your defense without you operating it, all of which I assume have people other than the player's character operating them.

I understand it's likely difficult to create very complex games using the Flash engine, as even the most capable programmers and designers seem to run into limitations. I hope you are able to come up with more great, and perhaps even greater work in the future.

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one of the best games i've ever played. and i dont mean just online. this is more enjoyable than alot of xbox or ps3 games. GREAT game. i absolutely HAD to play all the way through to the end.

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stop reading the comments and play the epicness that is the game

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Totally outstanding! This is totally unbelieveable FlyAnvil. All my 5Rs belong to this game which you have dedicadedly founded. The gunshot sounds are cool. Graphics are awesome. The Inventory is most ashtonishing. Thanks for creating this wonder game!

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4.51 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2012
3:32 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
  • Frontpaged September 5, 2012
  • Daily Feature September 4, 2012
  • Weekly 4th Place September 5, 2012