Pinkhead Princess

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Your mission is simple, get the pinkhead princess to safety.
But the evil army chasing her will not make it easy for you.

Arrowkeys: Move
S: Attack

Pinkhead Princess was just going to be a simple little minigame, but now thanks to the user silvARK's comment here at newgrounds I'm thinking on creating a sequel to Pinkhead Princess which will include a story, more levels, upgrades, new artwork, more and better powerups and a lot more. But because I'm working alone it will take some time, so my question is;

Do you want a sequel to Pinkhead Princess? Do you want to know why the evil army is after her?
Then go go my website and vote:

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should make a surival mode

I see the concept and what was meant to be created but I think that this is way too plain. It's weak in content. There might be more but right now all I can see is a game where you're running after a princess and protect her for about 7-8mins. ( On easy mode ) Some other things could of easily been added, like maybe you could of changed the levels a bit. Like add a 1-2 minutes long level then put a village or a rest point where you could spend points or money to upgrade your horse. Put an archer on top of the carriage or make your sword stronger and after a couple levels more enemies start coming and some stronger ones too. I know this is pretty much what everyone would say but that's all a game really needs to get better.

Incredibly boring

First of all, the controls are a bit weird and slow making it hard to hit enemies unless they're standing still attacking the princess. The controls as I would describe them felt "slippery"

The power ups are somewhat helpful but the way to get them is incredibly frustrating. Usually since it's coming from the princess herself you would think it would be fine to be right next to her and catch the power up as it comes out, but instead the power up goes right through you and off into the road. Making grabbing the power ups more of a chore than a reward considering that you must be right on it to grab it which is needlessly annoying considering how the controls are.

Most of all, this game is very VERY repetitive as all you do is move around and endlessly slash at the enemies with no real story or reasoning. The music is as repetitive as the game and I got sick of listening to it after what must have been 10 minutes of endlessly going around slashing slashing slashing and more slashing.

Well, that´s different. It looked good was fun and challenging, a little slow unfortunately but maybe that is just my machine.

There was some very nice use of camera movement and the AI movement was pretty nice as well in the point where they moved in various directions making their way to the princess instead of just working their way to the middle and closing in.

If you touched up the quality of the sounds and animations then make it higher paced this could turn out pretty good.

Nice job!

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3.00 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2012
9:46 AM EDT
Action - Other