Severed Lullaby

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I'm back! Although technically I never left, I've just been lazy! In between my last posted animation and now, I've created a couple (literally) of animations, but I haven't posted them for numerous reasons. I did win an award for one of them though, so I think I'll post that one soon too. :D

Alright guys, so this was made in about 5 weeks for a school assessment, so it's rather hurried and poorly put together in certain parts, but nonetheless, I poured a portion of my heart, soul and sweat into this little 2 minute piece of work!

It's a short psychological horror set in a high school after hours. Scary enough? To make matters worse, there appears to be a psychotic student on the loose. How will this end?

On a side note, a lot of comments have been made on my previous animations regarding my abilities to draw girls. Well, I've definitely been practicing my art in all areas these past few years, so I really hope that it shows in this animation!




Well done! That was a pretty well made film. Some parts lagged as you've mentioned on your creator's comment but other than that it was still good. I wished there was a well written story instead of just throwing the viewer in a "random" horror situation. To me honestly this would of been a unique horror story to see on this site. Heck, I hope you might be the next horror craftsman on this site (I'm a horror junkie and enthusiasts. I remembered some pretty good horror stuff here but it rarely shows its self from time to time). Again I see wonderful potential in you. Your portrayal of female characters was a good try too, Your still improving and practicing when you have the time. Honing your creative skills and flow! I was originally gong to just give you a 3 in a half but since your brought a little glimmer of what horror should be, even in a minor manner. You caught me with just the atmosphere but sadly it lacks what I know you can implement in your works. For bringing a spark of your inspiration onto me through classic horror appeal I'm presenting you a solid 4/5 and a vote power of 4/5. I see something unique and creative in you. I hope you continue sculpting and improving your vast capabilities. I know you'll rumble in the best of the "Big Leagues" here on Newgrounds and make a name for yourself. I hope you've enjoyed this review and congratulations on your award on one of your shorts! Till we meet again my friend stay focused and creative. Good day!

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She kinda walks retarded... but the flash was wonderful!

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Sep 2, 2012
9:17 AM EDT