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Night at the Casino

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A 1-minute short, trying out some new characters and environments. Hope you enjoy.

http://mistyentertainment .newgrounds.com/follow if you wanna see more cartoons from me!

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Author, I liked the way you painted everything here. No matter what anyone says, you are well done!

MistyE responds:

thank you! i did trace the backgrounds tbh but i am better about that now...

A very short movie. But with many different scenes, a lot of characters and a very catchy tune.

I like the backgrounds here a lot. They show that you are improving your drawing skills and that you put a lot of effort into your movies.
The characters looked good as well, even though most of them where simply ball like figures. But the facial expressions are so good, that even the jumping balls seem to have a kind of personality.

The only thing that bothers me is the very abrupt ending. It just stops on the last frame, which leaves the impression of some unfinished project, that was just uploaded for the sake of uploading something...

Anyway, I like this flash.

{ Review Request Club }

I like this fairly simple and cute movie.
This is probably because of the happy animating style and the music.

What I like most about the animating style are the backgrounds. There wasn't one background that was there during half the flash, but instead made a different background for each scene. This made the video much less repetive, and is probably what I like most about the whole video. The backgrounds weren't worked out in detail, but honesly, I don't think that anyone dislikes the video because of that.

I also thought the facial expressions of the characters were done pretty well. For example, the blob at the end had lines under his eyes because he gambled all night long.

However, it's certainly not perfect. The thing that I dislike most is that it wasn't clear what happened. If I hadn't looked at the title, I wouldn't have known this was a casino, let alone that they were in Vegas until 0:39, where "he" played on a slot machine. Maybe it's because I don't live in America though, I don't know. If so, don't be unhappy about this.

I also thought that the animation of some of the characters could've been a bit better. I liked how the slimes splattered when they turned around or walked/jumped, so that was okay. The green blob turning at 0:11 was nicely done, and the bird flew just fine. But in general blobs look a bit lazy. Don't get me wrong, I can see that there has been put time in this movie, but all most of the sprites did were either blinking, stretching or rotating. Next to that, the shadows on the blobs didn't have anything to do with where the light comes from.

The only part that looked really odd was the part where the blobs jumps on its bed. The third time he jumps just as the last time, gets the same upwards velocity, and then at what was the highest point at the previous jumps it suddenly speeds up immensely.

Even though it wasn't perfect, I still liked the flash and the music gives a setting that fits with the movie.

Review request club

That was down right adorable! To me from the comments I observed some of them feel that the characters need voices and such and such yet I see nothing too wrong here. sure the background is a bit bland and plain in some parts. But honestly it was the imagination. In fact you've contrived and old classic technique that many people may not want to admit. It called "expressionism". Basically you have classic silent joes that don't talk, speak or even utter a single form of dialogue (even grunts or squeaks). However in my mind from how this short played out their actions, Actions speak louder than any mere words can be expressed on here. I also enjoy the cute casino soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 that made me smile since I'm a pure blooded gamer and nerd in general. But again I don't barely see any flaws much at all regardless what other may perceive. I'm going to bestow you a solid 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

I like the look of that Mario parody!

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4.05 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2012
12:36 PM EDT
Music Video