Toons These Days: Ep 9

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Goddamn, I hate drawing guns. I guess I should've used a better picture for reference than the Tropic Thunder poster.

Anyhoo, there are only eight episodes left this season, so we're no longer taking requests for future episodes.

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I have absolutely loved the toons these days reviews, becuase, despite not always agreeing with them, they're usually right-on-the-dot correct. For this installment, I must say that it's a bit lacking on your end, a bit shorter than usual, but, then again, there's not exactly that much to cover. It's a cartoon version of every reality show, except made even more poorly and as a parody that sort of missed the mark. As always, your animation is well done, the audio is inviting, clear and exciting and I pray that you continue to make these. Might I suggest you take aim at the newest addition to the Cartoon Network lineup: Annoying Orange. A wonderful, entertaining and well-made series; and a job well done.

I can agree 100% on this one. Terrible cartoon series. Hate it entirely and want it gone.

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totaly agree lol, a show where a cartoon wins a million dollars come on now there fake so who cares about this show

I agree with tis guy since the first episode of this shit. This lead to me watching Daily Show and later C-Span. This ruined cartoons for me I think.

I actually liked the original but I agree they took it too far

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Sep 1, 2012
1:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original