Toons These Days: Ep 9

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Goddamn, I hate drawing guns. I guess I should've used a better picture for reference than the Tropic Thunder poster.

Anyhoo, there are only eight episodes left this season, so we're no longer taking requests for future episodes.

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Wow! I've enjoyed this cute little short and how original it felt. Not only that but your show had made a good subject. It was perfect in many ways. Only one minor complaint and that's the length of your episode. It should of been a tiny bit longer yet you got your topic across and made it quite enjoyable to a truthful event. I'm bestowing you full honors. A solid 5/5 and a vote of 5/5. I hope you've enjoyed this review and continue creating more animated shorts. Have a great day good sir.

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While I did enjoy TDI's initail season, the others were a complete waste of airtime. The sequel, being Action, had only 14 of the [forget how much] of the original cast, not a bunch of new characters like real reality shows. Only after did they use that common sense.

So to conclude my point, I agree with Doggy's somewhat unbiased opinion on the series, and that it should die.

Flash was excellent, 5 5 Fav

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I agree... I HATE IT!!! very good man... loved it!

If you hate things, watch this.

If you already deal with a lot of complaining, still watch this. It's about time someone knew what they were talking about.

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4.03 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2012
1:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original