Toons These Days: Ep 9

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Goddamn, I hate drawing guns. I guess I should've used a better picture for reference than the Tropic Thunder poster.

Anyhoo, there are only eight episodes left this season, so we're no longer taking requests for future episodes.

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Death to Total Drama! but no reality shows on CN, God no.

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i love it its o true!!!!

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Yeah, I hate those shows. And you're right about the stereotype thing, which is the worst part in my opinion. And the unpopular characters are cool with their role. They're like "I'm the unpopular nerd and I'm cool with that." And if they try to break out of their stereotypes, like the nerd (and or fat guy) tries to hit on the hot chick, then that becomes the plot of the episode. Usually with the nerd (and or fat guy) being the antagonist. "What were you thinking trying to be anything more then the loser? Everyone will like you more if you just except it."

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Totally straightforward:

Doggy hit the nail on the hammer about the scenario dealing with sequels on not just Total Drama, but plenty of other shows. But, lets not forget that the Survivor satire proves that Flash animation can be effective in developing successful shows (well, the first season did at least), which makes me optimistic about the futures of NG's finest. While your episode was put together rather well, it still lacked duration, variety of animated components, and graphics. Yet, I acknowledge your not out to churn out masterpieces, just to post a decent episode every week to entertain us; and for that, I sha-thank you.

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Mh.... Total Drama is a satire to reality shows... You are right about it but the "carboard cut out characters" are meant to be just that. Like the people in the actual reality shows like BIg Brother. Jokes, poor jokes, fake people pitched against one another for a large sum of money.

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