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Wormamia itÃf¢EUTMs a strategy game where youÃf¢EUTMll defend a big worm. You have to climbing to space and killing the evil soldiers using the organs of the worm!

- Move the mouse to the extremes of the screen to scroll her.
- DonÃf¢EUTMt forget to eat the birds!

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The Games Concept is really cool. Just make a better Tutorial and give the PLayer more Money at the beginning and Money for killing Enemies like xAyjAy said. Then theres no need to make the Game easier. Games that are a little more difficult are quiet interresting. And i also like the graphicstyle.

Hope this helps a little and sorry if there are any mistakes with grammar and/or spelling, English isn't my native Language.

the game is a bit confusing to start. the eating in the birds needs to be better explained (for those that can not understand what is the requirement is, move the mouse to the top of the game screen) the towers are a bit weak, and tough to recover from when the targets get to the top. i would recommend just compressing the image so the player can see the mouth and the targets without having to scroll up and down. not a bad idea for a game, just needs a little fine tuning.

I agree with xAyjAy and others. Give the player a break at the beginning and *then* make it harder. I lost interest after a few tries. The concept is a nice take on defense games, though.

would be usefull if i had more money at the start, if the enemies arive only after i placed some towers/defencies or if there where a button to send the enemies and a pause button would be awesome. also, something like a sticky tongue to catch the birds just by clicking on them would be epic. and some cash for killing the enemies would be helpfull too.

chaves123 responds:

Thank you for playing!
So... you passed of the first level? I'll get the game more easy, or make a better turorial.
Thank you again!

Have you even tested the game??? The amount of money you start off with is not enough to stop even one attacker.... that or the towers are too week to stop the atttackers... So i say pull the game fix it then rerelease!

chaves123 responds:

Thank you for playing!
You eat the birds?

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2.25 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2012
5:05 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense