Dyer Hit World

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Avoid Them all! 5 Points

Avoid all garbage and damage until the infinite level

Bonus Master 5 Points

Reach the ultimate score bonus

Click Them All! 5 Points

Click on every button of the game !

Full Team 5 Points

Get the 3 bonus characters at the same time

Mega Score 5 Points

Reach 1.000.000 points

Pi..Piece Of cake 5 Points

Complete level 10 with 3 lifes

The Cleaner 1 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 1

The Cleaner 10 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 10

The Cleaner 2 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 2

The Cleaner 3 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 3

The Cleaner 4 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 4

The Cleaner 5 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 5

The Cleaner 6 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 6

The Cleaner 7 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 7

The Cleaner 8 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 8

The Cleaner 9 5 Points

Collect all garbage of level 9

The Helis is a lie! 5 Points

Catch the second picture

The Next Step 5 Points

Catch the first picture

What The Rock?! 5 Points

Find a way to collect the big rock at the infinite level

Focus The Sun! 10 Points

Catch the third picture

Kaboom! 10 Points

Catch the fourth picture

A Bad feeling! 25 Points

Catch the fifth picture

Aspiration max! 25 Points

Catch the sixth picture

Aspiration Break! 50 Points

Catch the heighth picture

Missing Friends! 50 Points

Catch the seventh picture

The story continues...to Fly'n! 100 Points

Catch the tenth picture

To save all my friend! 100 Points

Catch the ninth picture

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A bug that prevented to get a couple of medals is now fixed.

FLY'N, the platform game we've been working on for a while is now on Steam Greenlight. If you liked Dyer Hit World, please check the FLY'N page (http://bit.ly/PDivBV) on Greenlight and come share the love over there ^^

Travel into space and live the adventures of Dyer the Hair-Dryer in this reversed Shoot'Em Up, a prequel to the upcoming game FLY'N. Fasten your seatbelt and take off aboard the Cosmic Megabin!

In the game FLY'N, Dyer is the big bad loony hair dryer who's intent on destroying the World-Trees. But he was not always THAT evilish... In Dyer Hit World discover why he came to the world of Helycia back in the days he was still a pretty cool dude, just before he turned crazy.

We did this game on our free time and we hope you'll enjoy it! Don't hesitate to say what you think and to visit my profile to learn more about the FLY'N project or and make the trip to our devblog to say hi !

Have fun.

Move with the arrow keys and hoover the garbage with the X button, P to put the game on pause. Try to collect all the images to unlock the whole story and hit the leaderboards. Please share your score !

Fly'n Greenlight page: http://bit.ly/PDivBV
Devblog: http://www.flyn-devblog.c om
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/F anpageFlyn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_FLYN _

Sylvain x 2 (Guerrero/Trabut)
Guillaume Liechtele (GD)
Herve Gengler (GD)
Guillaume Pervieux (sound sesigner)
Florian Chatet (developer)



= Thats alot of medals great game.

this is a good game keep it up

Needs upgrades. clearify that some garbage should be avoided. and most of all NEEDS CHECKPOINTS AND EXTRA LIVES

Cute story, awesome gameplay, I just wish it was a bit longer. Keep up the great work!

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Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2012
11:44 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight