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Hey Newgrounds!

This week's Spirit Science takes things to a new level in contemplation and understanding. We look at what all of this stuff is really about, and try and find a deeper meaning in the connections that we've been looking at, from astral projection to quantum mechanics.

The ideas in which we are connected, and HOW we are connected, ultimately lead to one big realization. The Idea that we are all one, just as a blood cell is to your body, you are like a blood cell to Mother Earth.

This new realization that ties Science and Religion (beyond the dogma) together demonstrates that were all part of a larger system of energy flowing through the universe. What used to be referred to as "The Heavenly Father" is now what we call our Sun, the source of light and life on the planet that begets our existence. If we all came from StarDust, what's to say those stars were not also conscious in their own way?

Ultimately, that's what this week's video is about. This is just one perspective on the nature of all things, and i enjoy producing these videos to share the discussion of ideas and new information.

I hope you enjoy this video, and if you feel its worth a discussion, please help me share it with the world!

Thank you!


so are humans acting like a cancer to the planet

RiverJordan responds:

Yes. We know cancer is a bitch to deal with unless we nuke it too (and we know theres plenty of nuclear weapons on this planet). Although there are other methods of healing it rapidly we know if. It's the same symptom ~ Seperation and self-serving consumption with no regard to the environment around it.

Good work as always, but... why are we talking about artificial systems mimicking real ones? Isn't that kind of intuitive? Take a city for example, people in it need to eat, almost everything else can be destroyed, and rebuilt, or reporpesed as needed, is that any different then how a cell demanding energy works? Or tissues? Or Organs? In both systems, their is an optimal distribution system, or model for distribution system, which can be found by countenues approximation, each one better then the last, it would be surprising if they didn't look similar, many universal patterns aren't accidental, but logical, in fact their are probably numerues patterns you would see regardless of even the laws of physics (math comes to mind, 1+1 always equals 2, because those are the definitions of one, plus, equal, and two, and their are a lot of repetitive patterns in math).

RiverJordan responds:

It is intuitive, but we don't really realize it. That's why were talking about it, because the artificial systems spawned from our consciousness, which is a natural system.

Here's a paradox! In Sacred Geometry, 1 + 1 = 3. It's because when you have two spheres and bring them together, they overlap and create the vesica pisces, a 3rd shape within ;)

ignore the simple minded people who refuse to comprehend things on a larger scale than themselves, they are just afraid of what they can't understand. this series is mind blowing, it shows that things people are afraid to put together have always gone hand in hand.

RiverJordan responds:

There is definitely a box of awareness that must be breached to comprehend a lot of these things. I don't think its their fault though, we've been raised in a social system that demotivates people from thinking big. Were told "This is the way it is, and if you question it, we will shun you". It's rough, but we are breaking free!

I understand loads of what you guys are saying but the technological world isn't quite "ours" for the simple fact that there are cars that run on water and many other things that have a much cleaner and healthier impact as a whole, yet has not been made popular or widely publicized. It's cool being positive but not this fucking submissive. This is like a slave master beating a slave on the back with a whip and said slave goes back to his family, they clean up the wounds and the wounds become scars, then the master comes in to check on his slaves and finds them using the beaten ones scars as a cool new maze. Look massa weez dun fount sumnm real funz to do wits ya lashes. That does not make it positive. It just means that the world that has been out of our hands for ages is developing smoothly. Interesting, sure, but definitely not a positive outcome. I love most of your stuff man but it doesn't seem like you're looking/thinking on all possible angles.

RiverJordan responds:

You're right, i do like to be positive and vibrant in my videos. There's a LOT of slavery and illness and suffering on this planet, i definitely don't want to kick it under the rug. It's important, and needs to be dealt with seriously.

At the same time, it's also good to enjoy and see the wonder that is happening on the planet as well, and theorize in love about the nature of what all this stuff means :)

what is this baseless bullcrap? none of anything in spirit science makes any sense or has any evidence for it. spirit science is essentially religion in the way its always "YOU CANT PROVE IM WRONG."
retarded bullshit is still retarded bullshit even if you put it with music and a video

this reminds me of KONY 2012, just believing things for no reason and not actually looking at the evidence

"cosmic shapes"
gimme a break retard

RiverJordan responds:

I never said you can't prove i'm wrong! I welcome you to openly offer your own perspective and ideas about how the universe works..

You don't really seem to want to offer anything like that though, you just want to tell me i'm stupid and call me a retard. Doesn't actually put you in the most positive of light, you know?

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