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Mad Walky Mcwalkersons

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Created for August's MAD themed LoopdeLoop animation challenge.

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Christopher. Walken. FTW

quality, but how did you do those shadows bro?

TheBoogley responds:

aahh, that's a secret. Nah, I just had the walk in a graphic symbol, then duplicated it, flipped it and added a tint of 100% black. If that makes no sense send me a PM and I'll hook you up with a video tutorial.

this creepy but cool

TheBoogley responds:

just like Christopher Walken!

I don't know what's scarier, if your animations or the music you use for them. Maybe you make the music too? Who knows?

TheBoogley responds:

I wish I could make music, one of these days I hope to do a short course! :)

Oh, goodyĆ¢EU" the guests have arrived!

TheBoogley responds:

they're here to cut the cheese!