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Sometimes it takes a friend to show you the way.
(Click a bubble to start the game)

UPDATE 22.09.2012: The site-lock has been removed and the EXE projector file for the offline play is available here: http://4as.pl/derpy/Derpy.zip

Here are some tips / instructions:
- Derpy will follow the bubbles that you control, but only if they are in her direct line of sight (Derpy will literally brighten up when she sees them).
- You can make Derpy run by pressing and holding the left mouse button to increases the bubble's power, but do it for too long and the main bubble will pop. It recharges after a while, but in the meantime it casts no light so Derpy won't see it.
- Amount of smaller bubbles = amount of lives.
- Derpy will get bored if you stay in one place for too long; same if she doesn't see the bubbles.
- Derpy will not walk into any harm on her own.

The game requires powerful CPU so if you can't play it, here is a complete walkthrough: youtube.com/watch?v=mcXW87C7Zf8

People that made this game at least 20% more cooler:
Forest Rain (youtube.com/user/PutTrustInFate) by composing awesome music and SFX for cutscenes.
Decibelle (youtube.com/user/Mirisha) by lending her wonderful voice to Derpy
Resonant Waves (youtube.com/user/XResonantWavesX) by allowing me to use the lovely "Luna's Palace" and "The Temple of Rain" tracks.
PonyVisation (youtube.com/user/PonyVisation) by allowing me to use the great "Everfree Shadows" track.
And of course, special thanks to RizCifra (rizcifra.deviantart.com/) for creating the inspiring "We Are Pilots".


omg wow this was a really good game funny as fudge and well to the creator plz make a sequel this was very very very very very enjoyable game move over pico u got real competition here

I loved this game, It' so cute and adorable, my favourite part was the look on her face when she ate a muffin, simply the most adorable and cute game i've ever played.
Though it was a tab short, i loved it.

But i didn't know you could force Derpy to fly, whoda thunk it :D

Non-Review Note: What did you use to make this game?

4as responds:

Derpy will be forced to fly when she loses the ground under her hooves.

Adobe Flash Pro CS6 (which is pretty obvious) and Photoshop + Paint Tool SAI for bitmaps.

Love it!!!!!!!!!!
This was quite the enchanting game starring MLP's most memorable background character.
In fact, MLP has some of the most memorable characters (both main and background).
I'm also assuming the name: Derpy Hooves was created by the Bronies for trolling reasons.
In retrospect, Derpy (aka Ditzy Doo) is still one of my favorite characters from the show.

That's how Derpy got her Cutie Mark!!!!!!


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4.20 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2012
1:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Other