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the Banana prince and the leaf princess are good friends, one day, the princess was robbed by the devil in castle. The ice lion and the fire dragon Guard the castle, you have to help the banana Prince find the keys, and rescue the princess.

control: use the keyboard to move, use the mouse to get the items.


This is a platformer not a RPG. There seems to be no key on level 2. Every level seems to be the same.

Once again, the pattern continues with another game trying to get extra attention by trading on the popularity of RPGs. This is a platform game, or a puzzle game (as a stretch it could be called a point-and-click adventure game), but it is clearly not an RPG.
As a platform game, it is okay. The gameplay is repetitive, but the puzzles are intriguing enough to hold my attention for 10 levels, and the music is quite pleasing enough to overshadow the tedium. If this was under a relevant category, I'd have rated it higher, but finding it here bugs me to no end. Enough with the mis-categorized games, people. They're not going to get you the attention you want.

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good job. keep it up

this game had half decent graphics but could have had a lot more verity in the levels

I only got to level 2 when I gave up, the only thing that kept me playing was the music, it was beautiful, can you tell me where you found it?

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2.64 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2012
4:29 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG