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Flash Bash

rated 3.98 / 5 stars
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Action - Fighting - Brawler

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Aug 29, 2012 | 3:23 AM EDT

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Author Comments


An update has been made and after careful read of reviews, and have fixed some of the major problems. A new character has been added to the roster, all secret characters unlocked, and all secret costumes including an all new costume for each character has been unlocked.

wasd OR arrow keys (Swappable)
Punch: J (Default) Can be customized
Kick: K (Default) Can be customized
Up: Jump
Down: Crouch
left/right: walk
Double Left/Double Right: Dash left/right
Back: Block
Enter: Pause/Menu

Player 2 controls are adjustable through button config menu.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game.
I'm having issues with Dan's level 12 challenge. After Unblockable and Dragon Uppercut, continuing with Jump Kick makes the enemy fall down to the ground, making it impossible to follow with Pursuit.
My fav. is Dragon Boy. Loved going Roflcopter on the enemies.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very original and fun. You should be proud of yourself Godlimitations!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I hate Inglor, he is to tough on hard mode and he keeps on using i damn move, i just wish that i go in the computer and bitch slap him. By the way this is the best game i ever played.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can't help but notice a amount of people, such as Ray below, have trouble getting pass Zombie Ingors grab-character traits; Well never fear, it is an easy task to get pass it, If you simply jump Over Him, you will end up on the other side, his grab recovery is surprisingly very very long, you end up getting free hits! If you do not wish to use jump for fear of air-grabs, you could always use range, like Amano's stars both ground and air to break superarmor, then hitstun; or on Ignor's supers, you can use Dan's amazing back-standing-punch counter. I hope this gives some insight into how "Brick-like" (From borderlands, I've never played it though) Ignor is. Most supers beat grabs, I think.
As for the game itself Its been a damn long time coming man where have you been?! Dan needs some more showtime, I hear theres "-Stranded-" coming up sometime in the future? The fighting mechanics are superbly problems, it lags a huge bit sometimes and some mechanics are a bit unpleasant such as air-grabs being either tricky or pure luck and certain projectiles being a bit questionable in power; but nothing enough to lower the rating, nothing at all, amazing game.

Godlimations responds:

its a mood swing man, i gotta want to make stranded, but im so totally not there with it. :( the script is ready, I just gotta start...

thanks for reviewing the game and bringing a fresh insight on the inglor train rape matter :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

When a command grab has a full screen charge, usually you can be hit out of it, normally any attack--at worst a low hit. You can't do that to Ingor.

When you make a grappler who has super armor, and is capable of spamming near instant connecting grabs at a moment's notice; you fucked up.

When there are characters like Dan, and Melinka who don't have any real options to avoid the incoming rape train that is Inglor because of simple gameplay mechanics, you really fucked up.

That said, I really enjoy most of the mechanics and styles of the characters, (save for a few: Ingor, and Melinka who can just spam low/highs and able to do 50+on a cherrytap) and I love how it takes timing and skill to master, but things like that can easily ruin an experience.
TL;DR: ingor brkn melnka op plzfix kthx